Moving pictures – Fisherton Sarum

When exhibiting Fisherton Sarum at various exhibitions the arrival of a video camera being pointed at the layout usually precedes either a derailment or more likely an operator error, also aligning the turn table (currently still done by eye, although an automatic alignment method is on the drawing board) suddenly becomes tricky due to twitchy fingers on the control switch.

I am sure it is the red light of doom…if there isn’t already a  law about it then there should be, maybe Farnsworth’s law (Google if you haven’t heard of him,  I don’t always intend to always explain how my mind works….) 

However, despite the above, a small number of quite nice videos have made their way onto YouTube, below are some that I recommend. 

The first is one that I have actually uploaded myself. After Fisherton Sarum featured in the December 2007 issue of Railway Modeller magazine I was asked if they could film it as an extra feature for their annual CD-Rom and subsequently their DVD Xtra number 6.  The version I have uploaded here is an edited version of the full video available from Peco Publications on DVD Xtra 6.

Paul Birkett Gray has a large number of videos of layouts at exhibitions that he has expertly recorded and edited, the video here that he has taken of Fisherton Sarum is a combination of recordings from the Astolat Show in Guildford in 2011 and also the Warley Exhibition at the Birmingham NEC in 2009

In November 2008 Fisherton Sarum made its furthest trek west or south west to date when I exhibited at the Wadebridge show in Cornwall. A small but friendly exhibition that I can recommend a visit to if you are in the area. Fisherton Sarum was billed as the feature layout, and even made it into the local newspapers too. A couple of videos from this show have been posted. With this show being over the Remembrance Sunday weekend I positioned my model of N15x 2333 “Remembrance” on the front road of the shed specially for the occasion.

I hope you enjoy!

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