Talking Stock # 6 SR Luggage, Parcels and Utility Vans

In light of Bachmann’s recent announcement to produce versions of these 10 ton 4 wheel luggage,  Parcels and utility vans I thought it might be timely to provide a little more information about the differing types and describe those that I have already in my fleet and can be seen running on Fisherton Sarum. The designations in brackets relate to those given in BR days.

Passenger Luggage Van, ‘PLV’ (Parcels / Miscellaneous Van, PMV)

Available as Parkside Dundas Kit PC36 and now Ready to Run from Bachmann announced

A ex SECR PLV (BR PMV) No 1966 from a Parkside Kit the SECR versions differed from the SR built versions by not having bodyside ventilators and were through piped in the 1930.s for Pull Push work

Developed by the SECR in 1919 the design formed the base for numerous luggage produced subsequently by the Southern. The Parkside kit is based on the pre 1939 batches of vans with even planking on the body side. The original SECR built versions did not have the side vents (the Parkside kit can be built as either version, with or without side vents) and number of the ex SECR PLVs were through piped in the 1930s for Pull Push work.

Passenger Luggage Van, ‘PLV’ (Parcels / Miscellaneous Van, PMV)

From the 1939 built batch the PLVs were built with mixed 6½” / 3½” planking on the body side. I am not aware at the time of writing of a kit for this version.

Utility Van, ‘Van U’ (Covered Carriage Truck, CCT)

Available as Parkside Dundas Kit PC39 or Dapol ex Wrenn Ready-to-Run and now also Ready to Run from Bachmann announced.

SR Van U, Utility Van (BR CCT) No 1737 built from a Parkside kit, differs from the PLV/PMV by having end loading doors.

First introduced in 1925 the Utility vans were similar to the PLV but with end loading doors also like the PLVs up until 1938 even thickness body side planking was employed and those from 1938 were built with mixed 6½” / 3½” planking as modelled by both Dapol and Parkside.

SR Van U (CCT), a repainted Wrenn version

The Dapol ex Wrenn utility van considering the age of the original tooling it is not a bad model although a few minor dimensional compromises have been made, mainly around the doors which like the Tri-ang bogie luggage van have been made to open. Also the under frame detail is a little over scale. I have repainted mine and in amongst the Parkside kits can be difficult to spot.

Utility Van (CCT) Built in 1955 with Plywood sides.

Available as Parkside Dundas Kit PC47

As I model the period from 1946 to 1949 I have not added this version to my collection.
The announcement by Bachmannof their plans for  Ready to Run versions of the PLV/PMV and Van U  /CCT I am sure will be welcome by many modellers (unless you are a kit manufacturer) and assuming they match the standard set by Hornby for the Van C / BY of which I have no doubt they they will be a popular addition to many a layout.

5 thoughts on “Talking Stock # 6 SR Luggage, Parcels and Utility Vans”

  1. Judging from the extensive variations to be offered by Bachmann for the most welcome 25 ton Pillbox brake van, I think the even and 2+2 planking as well as end doors/no end doors are likely.
    As primarily a Southern modeller I am rather underwhelmed this year with no new Southern loco from either Bachmann or Hornby.
    Am I right in thinking that LNER fish vans operated on Southern rails? I know some LNER fruit vans did,

  2. Hi.

    There was also C1980 a Keyser (Ks) Plastic kit of th eSR CCT (COVCAR) type with even planks.

    Rather basic, but can be improved a bit.

    Also, later DAPOL models have the doors mouded shut, but still have the other heavy Hornby Dublo/ Wrenn details.

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