Bachmann SR 25T Pill box brake van livery sample pictures

Bachmann have now released pictures of the livery samples of their soon to be released SR 25t pill box type brake vans. The images can be seen on the Bachman website here.  They should, I am told,  hopefully be available by September this year.

I had the chance to view these in the ‘plastic’ so to speak the other weekend and the finish etc is very much up to the high standard that we have come to expect from Bachmann. The images on the Bachmann website are better the quick snaps I took the other weekend hence linking to their website rather than posting my own images.

Bachmann claim to be able to produce a variety of the different versions of these brake vans such as: even planking (as per the images),  uneven planking, either left or right hand look out duckets. It would appear that all the livery samples are utilising the same type of moulding and I hope this does not reflect the actual moulding being used for the three liveries shown as they all have the same BR style axle boxes even on the Southern decorated versions!  We shall have to wait and see how the production versions turn out.

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