Talking Stock #24 3rd Series Merchant Navy initial livery variations

The third and final series of Bulleid’s Merchant Navy Pacifics were not introduced until after the formation of British Railways in the Autumn of 1948. As a result they were numbered immediately into the new BR numbering series 35021 to 35030 but still initially appeared in malachite green whilst British Railways developed their own new livery schemes.

35021 once paired to her 6000 gallon tender in lined malachite green with lettering in British Railways Gills Sans.

The locomotives were built at Eastleigh and five of the first seven were finished before the completion at Brighton of their 6000 gallon tenders and were introduced into service paired with Bullied Light Pacfiic tenders, either 5500 gallon (35021/22/24) or 4500 gallon (35026/27) versions for a few months.

35022 looks a little strange in unlined malachite green, paired to a 5500 Gallon Light Pacific tender with names plates covered. Note also the mismatch of letting styles between loco and tender.

During this period of time they were finished in unlined malachite and had there nameplates fitted but covered up with wooden protective boards. Once coupled to their proper tenders they there finished in fully lined malachite although the lettering style varied between BR Gills Sans or ex Southern Sunshine style depending on when the 6000 gallon tenders were available.

35023 entered service from new with its correct 6000 gallon tender and was lettered in Southern Sunshine style.

My models illustrated here have been built from Millholme models white metal kits although the tender paired to 35022 is a repainted Hornby 5500 gallon tender. Numbers 35021 and 35022 are nearing completion and left the workbench for the first time  during the recent bank Holiday weekend and join the ever growing fleet some more of which can be found on my very first Talking Stock  post here.  35023 completed a while ago (although still requires a couple more details added) is shown here also as a further livery variation example.

4 thoughts on “Talking Stock #24 3rd Series Merchant Navy initial livery variations”

  1. I’ve also got a number of Millholne MNs including a batch 1 in BR Blue.
    I was wondering if you managed to buy the batch 3 MN or had to convert a batch 2 as I’ve only been able to find batch 1 and 2. I’m also considering replacing the motors I’ve fitted and wondered what you would recomend.

    1. grahammuz – A railway modeller with a keen insterest in all things Southern Railway especially the 1946 to 1949 period. I can often be seen on the exhibition circuit with my Layout Fisherton Sarum or assiting MIke Wild the Editor of Hornby Magazine with his layouts at shows. I am also long time member of the High Wycombe and District Model Railway Society
      grahammuz says:

      Ironically I have been able to find more batch 1 and 3 than 2’s My 35022 is in fact a batch two loco slightly modified and fitted with the Light Pacific tender.
      As for motors I try and avoid the open frame X04 type motors where possible although a couple of mine have the 5 pole versions fitted. I have used either Portescap’s (as I have a small stock) or large Mashima Can motors with either Comet or DJH gearboxes.

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