Talking Stock #25 Marsh got one Atlantic 4-4-2 tank right with the I3

Douglas Earie-Marsh will probably be best known for the popular and graceful H1 and H2 Atlantic express engines, although these were essentially Ivatt designs from the Great Northern with whom March previously worked. His fist design of Atlantic tanks the I1 and I2 classes were not at all successful performers. The I3 tanks  however changed that  and quickly gained an excellent reputation especially with respect to fuel economy. When used on the ‘Sunny South Special’  between Brighton and Rugby, a superheated I3 could could do the entire round trip without need for water en route or re-coaling at Rugby!

I3 No. 2084 built from a Wills kit

The class were very successful  and when electrification of the Brighton lines started to displace them they found new jobs elsewhere. Having been built initially to the more generous Brighton loading gauge they were cut down slightly by reducing the height of the boiler mountings and rounding off of the cab roofs to work on the Eastern section, they subsequently worked further afield.

She is the latter condition with cut down boiler fittings and cab to suit the SR composite loading gauge

They could  often could be seen on the Brighton and or Portsmouth to Cardiff services being replaced by an other railway company  loco at Salisbury and between 1938 and 1943 four of the class were allocated to Salisbury itself. This  gives the excuse for one to be seen from time to time on Fisherton Sarum.

My model of 2084 has been built from a Wills (now South Eastern Finecast) white metal kit in the form with the cut down cab and fittings to fit the SR composite loading gauge and is finished in my usual Bulleid post war black livery.

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    1. grahammuz – A railway modeller with a keen insterest in all things Southern Railway especially the 1946 to 1949 period. I can often be seen on the exhibition circuit with my Layout Fisherton Sarum or assiting MIke Wild the Editor of Hornby Magazine with his layouts at shows. I am also long time member of the High Wycombe and District Model Railway Society
      grahammuz says:

      Hi Andrew the Sunny South Special was operated jointly by the LBSC and LNWR so therefore would have been Rugby LNWR.

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