Brighton Belle in N – Hornby Arnold update

As per my post at the time Arnold one of the brnads of Hornby International announced last January their intent to produce a N Gauge Brighton Belle in British 1.148 scale rather then the usual continental 1.160 scale.

Hornby Arnold have today released further information as follows:

The “Brighton Belle” is one of the most famous, if not the most famous of the “Belle” trains to operate on British tracks. The “Belle” operated between London Victoria and Brighton and was the first all electric Pullman service in the World.  The service commenced in June 1934 and continued until April 1972 with only a period during the Second World War when the service was suspended.  There were three 5-Car units specifically built by Metropolitan Cammell for the “Brighton Belle”, a service which took just 60 minutes to travel the non-stop 51 mile distance between London and Brighton.

In recent years under the patronage of the Transport Trust a group was formed to restore a 5-BEL unit and bring it back into service under private ownership.

The stunningly elegant Hornby Arnold N gauge model, which will be initially produced in two distinctive periods, captures perfectly the opulence and style of the “Brighton Belle Pullman”, with each car lit with miniature table lamps as well as having carefully crafted detailed interiors.

These truly distinctive models will only be available via and advance orders will and can be taken.

Technical features:

·         Accurate UK N scale – 1:148
·         High performance motor with flywheel
·         6 pin DCC socket
·         Detailed differences on bogies between both models
·         Illuminated table lamps

HN3000 SR 5-BEL “Brighton Belle Pullman” – 2-Car set (DMBPT) in Cream & Umber – 1934 – £129.99

1 x DMBPT (Driver Motor Brake Parlour Third) Powered
1 x DMBPT (Driver Motor Brake Parlour Third) Unpowered

HN3500 SR 5-BEL “Brighton Belle” 3-Car pack (2 x TPFK, TPT) in Cream & Umber – 1934 – £79.99

2 x TPFK (Trailer Parlour First Kitchen)
1 x TPT (Trailer Parlour Third)

HN3001 BR Class 403 “Brighton Belle Pullman” – Blue & Grey – 1969 – £129.99

1 x DMBPT (Driver Motor Brake Parlour Third) Powered
1 x DMBPT (Driver Motor Brake Parlour Third) Unpowered

HN3501 BR Class 403 “Brighton Belle” 3-Car pack (2 x TPFK, TPT) – Blue & Grey – 1969 – £79.99

2 x TPFK (Trailer Parlour First Kitchen)
1 x TPT (Trailer Parlour Third)

All models are produced to 1:148 UK N Gauge standards.

5 thoughts on “Brighton Belle in N – Hornby Arnold update”

  1. Interesting, especially that Hornby are only going to sell this direct. Does this point to a new marketing strategy (or an experiment in that direction) for Hornby as a whole, especially after they have (presumably) had their fingers burnt by Modelzone.

    1. grahammuz – A railway modeller with a keen insterest in all things Southern Railway especially the 1946 to 1949 period. I can often be seen on the exhibition circuit with my Layout Fisherton Sarum or assiting MIke Wild the Editor of Hornby Magazine with his layouts at shows. I am also long time member of the High Wycombe and District Model Railway Society
      grahammuz says:

      Hi Jeremy

      The direct sales only approach is indeed an interesting move. I don’t think they actually loose anything due to Modelzone other than a future route to market as they were a concession and Hornby owned the stock which is still theirs.

  2. You seem to be somewhat better connected to the British Railway modelling scene than I am here in Canada where magazines arrive nearly a month late. I am wondering why it seems to be taking so long to produce the Arnold/Hornby Brighton Belle. Also why is Hornby so coy in accepting advance orders, like a maiden with her first dance card.

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