First Pictures! Arnold / Hornby N Gauge Brighton Belle Engineering Prototype

It was back in January this year that the continental manufacturer Arnold that are part of the Hornby International stable of brands initially announced they were to produce an N gauge version of the Brighton  Belle set and that it will be in the British 1.148 scale rather then the usual continental 1.160 scale.

It was later announced here,  along with the actual livery variations being produced that these truly distinctive models will only be available via and advance orders will and can be taken.

The models will feature: being accurate to UK N scale – 1:148, High performance motor with flywheel, 6 pin DCC socket, Detailed differences on bogies between both period models and Illuminated table lamps.

First off Engineering Prototypes of The Arnold / Hornby N Gauge Brighton Belle

The first Engineering Prototypes (EP) of the bodies have now just been received by Hornby and I had the privilege, courtesy of Simon Kohler of Hornby, to be the first to take any photographs at the weekend.  It should be noted that these are the very first samples and there are a small number of inevitable design  tweaks needed that have already been noted.

Both Driving Cars feature a die cast detailed underframe

Both driving cars have a well detailed die cast full length underframe which should give a nice amount of weight for traction.  and the differences between the three trailing cars have been accurately portrayed and they also feature flush glazing.

If these first samples are anything to go by then the finished models will be an a worth addition to to any 2mm Modellers Southern / Southern Region fleet, although I don’t envy their need to install 2mm scale third rail!


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