Updated information and running numbers for the Hornby S15 releases for 2015

Further to the Hornby announcement of their new range for 2015 on 17th December last year, detailed from a Southern / BR(s) perspective on this blog  that included three versions of the Southern Railway built Maunsell 4-6-0 S15 locomotives. I am now able, having closely reviewed the proposed livery artwork, to exclusively advise the proposed running numbers and additional details for the three versions being initially produced, with an anticipated release date of June this year.

A further view of the 3D test print. Note the bogies under the tender are not the final Maunsell versions

R3327 SR Maunsell lined olive green as number 824 paired with a Urie Bogie tender. She will be with smoke deflectors and therefore represents the condition she was in from September 1932 when renumbered without the ‘E’ prefix. 824 was one of the first batch of the Maunsell S15’s built in March 1927 and an Exmouth Junction allocated locomotive during all her Southern Railway days. 824 remained in this livery until April 1940 when under wartime conditions she was repainted in unlined olive green with Bullied style lettering.

A 3D test print prior to tooling of the S15 With Flush sided tender

R3328 BR early emblem livery as 30843 paired with a Maunsell flat sided bogie tender. 30843 was one of the third batch of Maunsell S15’s built in September 1936. 30384 ran in this livery as an Exmouth Junction allocated locomotive, with a 72A shedplate, between December 1954 and July 1959 when she gained the late crest (She ran with no emblem on the tender at all between a repaint in August 1949 and November 1954).

R3329 BR late emblem livery as 30830, with AWS fitted, paired to a Urie Bogie tender c/w auxiliary vacuum reservoirs. 30830 was a from the second batch of Maunsell S15’s built in August 1927. 30830 ran in this livery, with a 72B Salisbury shed plate between May 1960, when AWS equipment was fitted, and December 1963 when she was transferred to Feltham.

I hope this information is of interest and I thank the Hornby design team, with whom I am assisting, for allowing me to publish it.

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    1. grahammuz – A railway modeller with a keen insterest in all things Southern Railway especially the 1946 to 1949 period. I can often be seen on the exhibition circuit with my Layout Fisherton Sarum or assiting MIke Wild the Editor of Hornby Magazine with his layouts at shows. I am also long time member of the High Wycombe and District Model Railway Society
      grahammuz says:

      Different boiler, running plate and cab but would be able to use the chassis so a good candidate for a Resin or 3D printed body.

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