Dapol show Engineering Prototype and details of revised M7 0-4-4t in N gauge [Updated 27/07/21]

Dapol have released an update on the development of their all new ex LSWR/SR/BR M7 0-4-4T along with images of their latest Engineering Prototype.

A total of 105 Drummond LSWR M7 0-4-0 passenger tank locomotives were built between 1897 and 1911. They were built in a number of batches with detail differences. The first batch had a short overhang at the front, sandboxes combined with the front splashers. In 1900 the design was changed to have the sandboxes inside the smokebox. The 1903 batch had  a long overhang on the front end. During 1904 and 1905 construction moved the sandboxes back to the front splasher. It was some of those that had the longer frames that were later fitted for pull-push working.

The models being produced are all short frame versions with sandboxes incorporated into the front splashers. They will feature a highly detailed body with many separately added parts die cast chassis, a 3 pole can motor and all wheel pick up.

Dapol however have advised that “no DCC decoder will supplied in this model”, as they say “the space has been used to add more weight to the model and provide improved, balance, traction and running properties”, by this I assume that no DCC socket will be present either, which I am sure will be seen as a negative factor by many.
[Update 27/07/21] Dapol have provided the DCC fitting update as per image left.

Initially eight versions will be released as part of the first production run as follows:

  • 2S-016-005 M7 0-4-4 Southern Lined Green 37 (I assume Olive Green)
  • 2S-016-006 M7 0-4-4 SWR Lined Green 245 (sic, I assume LSWR)
  • 2S-016-007 M7 0-4-4 Southern Black 246
  • 2S-016-008 M7 0-4-4 British Railways Lined Malachite 30038
  • 2S-016-009 M7 0-4-4 British Railways Lined Black 30248
  • 2S-016-010 M7 0-4-4 BR Early emblem Lined Black 30673
  • 2S-016-011 M7 0-4-4 BR Late Crest Lined Black 30245
  • 2S-016-012 M7 0-4-4 LSWR Lined Green 35

Further details including a video of the running Engineering Prototype can be found on the Dapol website here.

6 thoughts on “Dapol show Engineering Prototype and details of revised M7 0-4-4t in N gauge [Updated 27/07/21]”

  1. Glad to see it, but notwithstanding that there were numerous variations and this is a compromise, there appear to be some fundamental things that still aren’t right:
    1. Chimney profile wrong, too narrow relative to length, even for the long version, which was: 3’ 2” high, 1’ 3/4” at base throat, 2’ 1” at top flare.
    2. Front wheel splasher profiles wrong: the radius of the arc doesn’t extend forward beyond the 90 degree apex, I.e. the curve levels off to horizontal at the centre line before it curves up to the sandbox top. It doesn’t turn downwards as modelled. The smaller radius connecting rod splasher is too big, and should be centred on the larger above.
    3. Arc of curved cab roof is too flat, and should have a distinctive flat section where it joins the cab sides. Edge section also is too thick. As a result, the roof flatness exacerbates the tallness of the chimney and dome as it’s too low as a result. Forward cab spectacles look too small. Cab door handrails are wrong. In prototype they are vertical at the top, being seated in the beading forming the edging to the cab opening.

    Seems a great shame that so much is wrong given this is a retool.

    1. I’m an idiot sometimes.I thought the loco was OO Gauge! They should still have squeezed a decoder in. I can understand putting extra weight over the driving wheels but what about over the bogie wheels?

  2. If it really is not possible to even hard-wire a decoder in, I’m afraid that I won’t be buying any. Such a shame as, despite shortcomings highlighted by others, it looks a superb model. I’ve squeezed DCC and stay-alive into a Grafar Jinty and the M7 is a bigger loco.

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