Dapol provide an update on their Bulleid Light Pacifics in N Gauge, new versions and livery artworks

Last weekend at the International N Gauge show (TINGS) Dapol released an update on their Bulleid Light Pacifics in N Gauge, including two new versions and livery artworks. Having first announced their intention to produce Bulleid Light Pacifics in N Gauge back in 2012 and showed some initial cads at the time that quite frankly required quote a bit of work,  Then at last year’s TINGS new Cad images were shown, now updated Cads and livery artworks have been shown along with a couple of new versions. Expected release is now Quarter 4 2024.

Latest Cad image released by Dapol

Dapol will initially be modelling the as originally built locomotive, the rebuilt variant will follow in a later run. It appears that the tooling suite allows for variations in smoke deflector type and both original flat fronted and later modified ‘wedge’ shape cabs, safety valve position, with and without front fairings, along with high rave and cut down tender types (we are yet to see details of the tender capacities, being tooled for).

This will be their first N Gauge ‘Next Generation Steam model’, with entirely re-designed chassis and electronics. This model will also incorporate Dapol’s new locomotive mounted motor that they state “offers good slow running and pulling power with reliability and robustness”. The specifications include: Coreless Locomotive mounted motor,b  electrical pick up from all locomotive driving wheels and tender wheels, die-cast chassis and locomotive body, injection moulded tender body, partial chassis compensation for smooth running and to aid electrical pick up, stainless steel running gear, standard NEM fitting N Gauge couplers, Detailed body and fittings, printed name plates and an accessory bag with etched nameplates and detailed buffer beam fittings.

  • 2S-034-001  21C164 Fighter Command

    2S-034-001 Battle of Britain ‘Fighter Command’ 21C164 SR Malachite Green, with two window wedge shaped cab, forward safety valves as she ran between december 1947 and May 1948

  • 2S-034-002 34066 Spitfire

    2S-034-002 Battle of Britain ‘Spitfire’ 34066 BR Green Late Crest, with cut down tender as she ran from March 1958 and December 1959 (when she was fitted with a speedo).

  • 2S-034-003 34110 66 Squadron note spurious shield

    2S-034-003 Battle of Britain ‘66 Squadron’ 34110 BR Green Early Crest, forward safety valves, minus front fairings, as she ran between September 1955 and February 1957, although the artwork incorrectly shows her with a shield (34110 was the only Battle of Britain not to carry a shield), I have spoken about this with Dapol who will be correcting the artwork.

  • 2S-034-004 21C1213 Okehampton

    2S-034-004 West Country ‘Okehampton’ 21C113 SR Malachite Green, original cab, short smoke deflectors as she ran between October 1945 and June 1947.

  • 2S-034-005 34030 Watersmeet

    2S-034-005 West Country ‘Watersmeet’ 34030 BR Green Late Crest, with cut down tender, rear safety valves, minus front fairings as she ran from September 1956.


  • 2S-034-006 34001 Exeter

    2S-034-006 West Country ‘Exeter’ 34001 BR Green Early Crest, with original cab and minus front fairings as she ran between January 1952 and November 1954.


  • 2S-034-007 34051 Winston Churchill

    2S-034-007 Battle of Britain ‘Winston Churchill ’ 34051 BR Green Late Crest (new addition)- As Preserved at the National Railway Museum.


  • 2S-034-007 34081 92 Squadron

    2S-034-007 Battle of Britain ‘92 Squadron’ 34081 SR Malachite Green “British Railways” (new addition) – As preserved by the Battle of Britain Locomotive Society.

The proposed RRP for DCC ready versions is now £223.50, for DCC fitted £257.04 and for DCC sound fitted £368.88 or discounted at Stockists such as KMRC here, and delivery is expected to be Quarter 4 2024 at the earliest.

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