Rapido Trains UK announce SECR/SR O1 Class 0-6-0 in 00 gauge.

Rapido Trains UK have announced they are to produce the SECR/SR O1 Class 0-6-0 in 00 gauge. This will complement their range of SECR  /SR goods wagons.

O1 Class No.65 on the Bluebell Railway

Between 1878 and 1899 122 O Class locos were built designed by James Stirling. Following the first group of 20 that were built by Sharp, Stewart and Co., several more batches were completed, both by them and by the South Eastern Railway Ashford Works. The final five locos were built in 1899 By the South Eastern and Chatham Railway. In 1903 Wainwright started rebuilding the class, to become the 01 class,  with domed boilers and a squared cab. 58 were so treated by 1918, with another rebuilt by the Southern Railway in 1927. Those O Class locomotives not rebuilt were all withdrawn by 1925.

A 3D Test print from the Cad

A total of 49 members of the O1 class survived into British Railways ownership with the final member of the class 31065 earning one final claim to fame by leading the ‘Farewell to Steam’ railtour on the Hawkhurst Branch, before being withdrawn from service in June 1961. Thankfully she is now preserved in full working order on the Bluebell Railway.

The Rapido Trains UK model will feature a smooth-running mechanism, a factory-installed speaker, a 21pin DCC interface, a sleek tender connection and a firebox glow. The model is currently ready for tooling, and it is  hoped to have samples in the spring. At the moment only the 3D test print and livery renders have been made available.

The initial 11 versions announced are as follows:

  • 966001: 65 Wainwright Green, As Preserved
  • 966002: No.373 Wainwright Green
  • 966003: No.385 SECR Grey
  • 966004: No.A7 SR Lined Black, Maunsell Lettering
  • 966005: No.1437 SR Plain Black, Maunsell Lettering
  • 966006: No.1046 SR Bulleid Black early Bulleid lettering
  • 966007: No.1379 SR Bulleid Sunshine lettering
  • 966008: No.100 East Kent Railway Black
  • 966009: No.s1065 British Railways Sunshine lettering
  • 966010: No.31064 British Railways Early Crest Unlined Black
  • 966011: No.31065 British Railways Late Crest Unlined Black

These are now available to pre-order with an RRP of £199.95 DCC Ready or £309.95 DCC Sound Fitted. This announcement is part of Rapido trains UK winter range announcement (the hint of a format to come..) and prior to the Warley National Model Railway Exhibition 25/26th November, for completeness Rapido trains UK have also announced the Cornish Bagnall Port of Par ‘Twins’ 0-4-0ST, the GNR Stirling Single No.1 (with small tender) and the GNR J52/2 0-60T, these and the O1 are available to pre-order at Rapido trains UK or with a discount at stockists such as KMRC.

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