In the media

I have been fortunate to have had articles published and appeared in the media a few times. Should you be interested in searching out a few, below is the list of where I can be found.

Model Railway Media

Fisherton Sarum

Articles about Fisherton Sarum have appeared in the following magazines:

  • December 2007 issue of Railway Modeller magazine
  • April 2009 issue of Hornby magazine
  • February 2012 issue of British Railway Modelling magazine
  • December 2013 issue of Model Rail magazine

Fisherton Sarum also appeared in video form on the Railways Modeller 2007 CD-Rom and also again (same footage) on the Railway Modeller DVD xtra No 6.

Fisherton Sarum has also made a surprise appearance as the main layout focus in the April 2021 issue of BRM TV (available to BRM Magazine subscribers)

Canute Road Quay

Canute Road Quay has so far featured in the following magazines:

  • December 2017 issue of Model Rail Magazine.
  • April 2019 issue of Hornby Magazine
  • April 2021 issue of British Railway Modelling Magazine

Other Modelling articles

My conversion of a Bachmann Southern N Class to a Southern N1 appeared in the August 2004 issue of Railway Modeller magazine

I have had four articles published in Hornby Magazine:

October 2008 – Whether to weather, an article on my weathering techniques.

March 2010 – Contained my article on my creation of LMS Coronation Class ‘City of Bradford’ as she appeared on the Southern for the British Railways locomotive exchange trails in 1948. I also provided background information about the trials in general.

January 2011 – I penned an article on changing identities of Ready to Run locomotives to obtain the locomotive name and number of your choice and covered how to repaint and line locomotives too.

August 2019 – A step by step guide on my simple process to achieve inset track as used on Canute Road Quay

In addition, I  have  occasionally written a number of product review pieces of new Southern related models for both Hornby Magazine and British Railways Modelling magazine.

Model Railway Publications

Fisherton Sarum has also now made an appearance  in a couple of books from the Kevin Robertson,  Noodle Books stable 
Firstly;“Modelling the Southern Volume 1: Ideas and Inspiration”  This 112 page book published in May 2012 covers a range of aspects of modelling the Southern Railway / Southern Region. A couple of pages of images and a brief introduction to Fisherton Sarum  in its Modelling Inspiration section. Further information on the publication can be found on my post here.
November 2013 saw the publication of “Modelling the Southern Volume 2: The Electric Effect”  This 96 page book following on from Volume 1 again covers a range of aspects of modelling the Southern Railway / Southern Region focusing not only on the electric side of things but also visitors to the Southern. Once again Fisherton Sarum is featured this time with respect to my creation of those visiting locomotives during the 1948 Locomotive Exchange trials. Further information on the publication can be found on my post here. 

Other Media

I was also privileged to have been asked to exhibit Fisherton Sarum at the Salisbury to Gillingham 150th anniversary event, on 2nd  May 2009, taking place actually at Salisbury Station on Platform 4!  It was slightly surreal exhibiting on the platform of a working station especially as some passengers arriving by train had not the faintest idea of what was going on.! A brief article on the event appeared in the local Salibsury Journal newspaper,  including a picture of Fisherton Sarum. The online archive version can be read here.

You Tube

A version of the Railway Modeller video footage can be seen on You tube here. A search on You tube will also find a number of clips of either Canute Road Quay or Fisherton Sarum taken at exhibitions.

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