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Albert Goodall range of 4mm Bulleid parts acquired by RT Models

I posted back in September about the last chance to obtain the late Albert Goodall Bulleid Pacific components due to  Shirley Goodall and her and Albert’s friend Jim Corbett both retiring from attending exhibitions, and may we  wish them both a long and happy retirement and thank them for keeping Alberts parts available for the last ten years. I am now delighted that my friend and fellow Bulleid fan Robert Thompson of RT Models (yes he is also bus enthusiast and driver for which he has most suitable initials) has now announced that he has acquired the Albert Goodall range of mostly 4mm scale Bulleid pacific detailing parts.

Robert’s RT Models Cylinder drain pipes have already been fitted to my entire fleet of Bulleid Pacifcs and his new brass front steps have arrived and are yet to be fitted.

Robert advises that the whole range won’t appear as yet as there is alot to sort out so it could be a few months before anything is released again.  Also whilst almost everything will be re-introduced, some parts will be upgraded or replaced as well adding a few more items to the range, this will also see the current Bulleid parts (such as Cylinder Drain pipes and lost wax brass front footsteps) he already does moving over to  Albert Goodall pages shortly as Robert will be keeping Albert’s  name on the website pages with his nameplate displayed on them too.

This is superb news for anyone who models Bulleid Pacifics as Robert will be an excellent custodian of the range, who already does some excellent Bulleid detailing parts and I am pleased that he will be keeping the Albert Goodall Name / ‘brand’ alive which is a fitting tribute to the amount of work and research that Albert did in his time. I wish Robert all the very best in his endeavours and I am sure he will be receiving yet more of my cash in the future. Robert’s RT Models also has a wide range of other detailing parts and narrow gauge model kits and parts.