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Hornby 2015 range announcement from an SR/BR(s) perspective sees an S15 and Adams Radial

Following on from their break in tradition by announcing some of next years range at the Warley show last month today sees the announcement of their full plans for 2015, this post is a summary of the information from a Southern / BR(s) modellers perspective. The main highlight is completely new tooling to produce an S15 class 4-6-0 freight locomotive along with the 0415 Class Adams radial tank that was shown at Warley.

S15 Class

A 3D test print prior to tooling of the S15 With Flush sided tender

The S15 4-6-0 locomotives were first introduced by Urie on the London South Western railway in 1920, with later batches being built by the Southern Railway under Maunsell. I was able to speak with the design team at Hornby responsible for these models, last week, and handle the first 3D test print illustrated here.

A further view of the 3D test print. Note the bogies under the tender are not the final Maunsell versions

I can confirm that they have tooled for the SR built versions (i.e. not the original ex LSWR version with the stepped footplate numbers 496 to 515) and are to produce a number of different details and variants including: both the Urie (823 to 837) flared 5000 gallon tenders, the Maunsell (838 to 847) flat sided 5000 gallon tenders complete with newly tooled bogies, and ultimately pairing with an ex King Arthur 4000 gallon 6 wheel tender (as used on the central section) and even possibly  versions of 30833 and 30837 that were paired with ex Schools class 4000 gallon tenders in 1962.

The chassis is a completely new design with a 5 pole motor, twin flywheels and tooling to accommodate the 3 different styles of driving wheels / balance weights fitted!

R3327 SR Maunsell lined olive green livery with Urie Bogie tender
R3328 BR early emblem livery with Maunsell flat sided bogie tender
R3329 BR late emblem livery with Urie Bogie tender

The actual locomotive numbers are still to be confirmed. The intention is that these should be available from around July next year.

0415 Class Adams Radial

A rear 3/4 view of the Adams radial, (Admas Boiler variant) see the Warley post for the front on view.

Originally introduced by Adams on the LSWR in 1882 for suburban work, three of the class became iconic by being used in the heavily graded and severely curved Lyme Regis branch lasting until 1961. It has ranked high on the various model railway wish lists over the last few years and this year has now seen R-T-R versions announced by both Hornby at Warley and also as reported here Oxford Rail. The Hornby design team advise me that they are producing both Drummond and Adams boiler versions with similar chimney variations as well to enable a wider range of livery versions to be release in the future (as the two  types of boiler were swapped between between different locos at different times).

R3333 No. 30584 in BR early emblem livery – Adams boiler
R3334 No. 30582 in BR late emblem livery – Drummond boiler
R3335 No. 488 in LSWR livery as preserved on the Bluebell Railway with Adams boiler

The intention is for these to be available by the end of 2015.

Locomotives and Train Packs

R3300 Winston Churchill funeral train pack

R3300 Winston Churchill funeral train pack to mark 50 years since the state funeral on 30 January 1965: comprising of Bulleid original style light pacific No. 34051 with cut down tender, in BR livery with late crest,  2 off Pullman cars ‘Lydia’, ‘Perseus’ and Pullman liveried Gangwayed Bogie Luggage Van S2464 (note existing tooling is being used for the GBL and not strictly as per the prototype van that was modified with additional windows in the centre pair of doors).

R3302 1940 Dunkirk train pack

R3302 ‘1940 return from Dunkirk’ train pack;  comprising of a 700 class No. 325 paired with a 14ft wheelbase tender and 3 coach Maunsell low window set No. 447 comprising of 2 off four compartment brake 3rds (4059, 4061) and a composite (5149) in unlined olive green.

R3304 700 class 30316 with 13ft wheelbase tender

R3304 700 class No. 30316 correctly paired with the first appearance of brand new tooling for the 13ft wheelbase tender, in BR black livery with early emblem and weathered.

R3310 34006 Bude

R3310 Bulleid original style light pacific No. 34006 ‘Bude’ with long smoke deflectors (as fitted for the 1948 locomotive exchange trials) and cut down tender (number 3262) as paired with ‘Bude’ in August 1961, in BR livery with late crest.

R3311 Schools V Class 30908 Westminster

R3311 Schools V class No. 30908 ‘Westminster’ in post August 1956 BR green livery with early crest .

Other train packs include:

  • R3340 2 Hal EMU in BR green livery with full yellow end set No. 2603
  • R3341 2 Hal EMU in BR blue livery set No. 2677
  • R1176 Eurostar Class 373 train set in brand new blue livery c/w track and controller
  • R3215 Eurostar Class 373 blue livery train pack
  • R4580 Eurostar Class 373 blue livery centre saloons coach pack


It is not just the Southern Modellers that benefit from new tooled models as also announced is an LNER J50 0-6-0 tank. Additional new tooling for coaches announced over and above the LMS non corridor coaches shown at Warley includes 5 new all steel  K type Pullman cars:

  • R4660 K Type All Steel Pullman Third Class Kitchen Car No. 72
  • R4661 K Type All Steel Pullman Third Class Parlour Car No.  73
  • R4662 K Type All Steel Pullman Third Class Brake Parlour Car No. 79
  • R4663 K Type All Steel Pullman First Class Kitchen Car  ‘Loraine’
  • R4664 K Type All Steel Pullman First Class Parlour Car -‘Agatha’
All steel K type Pullman ‘Loraine’

These are very fine looking models and have been produced to Hornby’s usual fine standard for Pullman cars,  using laser scanned data from surviving prototypes as well. In general though the prototypes ran on the Eastern Region,  [edit 17/12/14] with thanks to an informative comment below from Colin Watts; both Agetha and Lorrain came to the Southern Region in 1961 and were used on the Bournemouth Belle. They incorporate a new style of table lighting achieved via LEDs directly under tables rather than the previous fibre optic method, which makes assembly and dis-assembly of these coaches much easier.

Class 71

It should be noted that although this model was announced at Warley it will form part of the 2016 range.

N Gauge

It was also advised at the media briefing day last week that following the success of the Hornby International brand Arnold British 1:148 scale N gauge 5 Bell EMU that further N Gauge products are likely to be announced later in the year, so what this space.

Full 2015 range

For details on the full 2015 range see either Hornby.com or RMweb.

Hornby’s supply chain issues over the last few years are well documented and continue to cause supply issues even though new factories are now producing models, many of the 2014 releases are having to be carried over to 2015 (although recently the K1 model that was moved out to February 2015 has now appeared). Hornby have advised us that the intention is to supply all of the 2015 announcements during 2015. Stocks of the LMS horsebox and the BR 21T hopper wagon announced at Warley are already in the Hornby warehouse ready for immediate shipping in the new year. The new all steel K type Pullmans are also at a very advanced stage of development so should be available quite early on in the year whilst the LMS non corridor coaches are at the final tooling stage.

I would also like to thank members of the design team at Hornby whom have been very patient with all my questions and exclusively provided me with additional information on their SR related plans to hopefully be providing here one of the most comprehensive round ups.

Note: all pictures are courtesy and copyright of either Hornby Hobbies Ltd. or A York.

Next Pictures: Arnold / Hornby N Gauge Brighton Belle Running Prototype

Last month I was able to post the first pictures of the Arnold / Hornby N Gauge Brighton Belle fist off engineering prototype tooling that is being produced in the British 1.148 scale rather then the usual continental 1.160 scale. Courtesy of Simon Kohler of Hornby and with thanks to the Worthing Model Railway Club and their exquisite Nine Mills layout as the backdrop,  I am now able to post pictures of the first full running sample model.

The first running sample of the Arnold / Hornby N Gauge Brighton Belle

This motorised sample; powered by an open frame motor located above the floor line inside the Driving Motor Brake Parlour Third drives both bogies via cardian drive shafts. Although the motor is slightly visible though the nicely flush glazed windows, from a normal viewing distance and with the all the table lamps it is not overly noticeable.

A further view with the Worthing MRC’s Nine Mills layout as the back drop

The wheel sets on this sample seemed to have deeper flanges than the more usual RP25 profile but these may of course not be representative of the final wheel sets being used.  It did look however if the underframes were notched to allow the required bogie swing but again this may not be as the model will finally appear.

This does however show that development of this interesting model is continuing at pace.

Edit 20/10/13: I can confirm from Hornby that the wheels and the underframe cut outs on this sample are not representative of how the final production models will be. 

First Pictures! Arnold / Hornby N Gauge Brighton Belle Engineering Prototype

It was back in January this year that the continental manufacturer Arnold that are part of the Hornby International stable of brands initially announced they were to produce an N gauge version of the Brighton  Belle set and that it will be in the British 1.148 scale rather then the usual continental 1.160 scale.

It was later announced here,  along with the actual livery variations being produced that these truly distinctive models will only be available via www.Hornby.com and advance orders will and can be taken.

The models will feature: being accurate to UK N scale – 1:148, High performance motor with flywheel, 6 pin DCC socket, Detailed differences on bogies between both period models and Illuminated table lamps.

First off Engineering Prototypes of The Arnold / Hornby N Gauge Brighton Belle

The first Engineering Prototypes (EP) of the bodies have now just been received by Hornby and I had the privilege, courtesy of Simon Kohler of Hornby, to be the first to take any photographs at the weekend.  It should be noted that these are the very first samples and there are a small number of inevitable design  tweaks needed that have already been noted.

Both Driving Cars feature a die cast detailed underframe

Both driving cars have a well detailed die cast full length underframe which should give a nice amount of weight for traction.  and the differences between the three trailing cars have been accurately portrayed and they also feature flush glazing.

If these first samples are anything to go by then the finished models will be an a worth addition to to any 2mm Modellers Southern / Southern Region fleet, although I don’t envy their need to install 2mm scale third rail!


Brighton Belle in N – Hornby Arnold update

As per my post at the time Arnold one of the brnads of Hornby International announced last January their intent to produce a N Gauge Brighton Belle in British 1.148 scale rather then the usual continental 1.160 scale.

Hornby Arnold have today released further information as follows:

The “Brighton Belle” is one of the most famous, if not the most famous of the “Belle” trains to operate on British tracks. The “Belle” operated between London Victoria and Brighton and was the first all electric Pullman service in the World.  The service commenced in June 1934 and continued until April 1972 with only a period during the Second World War when the service was suspended.  There were three 5-Car units specifically built by Metropolitan Cammell for the “Brighton Belle”, a service which took just 60 minutes to travel the non-stop 51 mile distance between London and Brighton.

In recent years under the patronage of the Transport Trust a group was formed to restore a 5-BEL unit and bring it back into service under private ownership.

The stunningly elegant Hornby Arnold N gauge model, which will be initially produced in two distinctive periods, captures perfectly the opulence and style of the “Brighton Belle Pullman”, with each car lit with miniature table lamps as well as having carefully crafted detailed interiors.

These truly distinctive models will only be available via www.Hornby.com and advance orders will and can be taken.

Technical features:

·         Accurate UK N scale – 1:148
·         High performance motor with flywheel
·         6 pin DCC socket
·         Detailed differences on bogies between both models
·         Illuminated table lamps

HN3000 SR 5-BEL “Brighton Belle Pullman” – 2-Car set (DMBPT) in Cream & Umber – 1934 – £129.99

1 x DMBPT (Driver Motor Brake Parlour Third) Powered
1 x DMBPT (Driver Motor Brake Parlour Third) Unpowered

HN3500 SR 5-BEL “Brighton Belle” 3-Car pack (2 x TPFK, TPT) in Cream & Umber – 1934 – £79.99

2 x TPFK (Trailer Parlour First Kitchen)
1 x TPT (Trailer Parlour Third)

HN3001 BR Class 403 “Brighton Belle Pullman” – Blue & Grey – 1969 – £129.99

1 x DMBPT (Driver Motor Brake Parlour Third) Powered
1 x DMBPT (Driver Motor Brake Parlour Third) Unpowered

HN3501 BR Class 403 “Brighton Belle” 3-Car pack (2 x TPFK, TPT) – Blue & Grey – 1969 – £79.99

2 x TPFK (Trailer Parlour First Kitchen)
1 x TPT (Trailer Parlour Third)

All models are produced to 1:148 UK N Gauge standards.

Continental kippers! – a Brighton Belle in N Gauge from Arnold

It might sound a little left field but continental manufacturer Arnold have yesterday announced a Brighton  Belle set in N Gauge and that will be in the British 1.148 scale rather then the usual continental 1.160 scale.

This is not perhaps as odd as it might seem as Arnold are part of the Hornby International stable and therefore have access to the information that Hornby used for their 4mm version in the UK.
A German flyer about the models to be produced in both Umber & Cream and Blue & Grey liveries is worth a look , and can be seen here, ignoring some of the obvious inaccuracies in the text which can be spotted even in German!

British N Gauge modellers will of course be pleased that it is to be manufactured in the establish British 1.148 scale and perhaps this might lead to other British prototypes appearing the Arnold range.

Hornby have already in the past dabbled slightly in British N Gauge with their now unfortunately ceased range ‘Liddle End’ of  very nice cast resin buildings that we similar to their very good 4mm big brothers in the Scaledale range. With Dapol announcing both SR / BR(s) locos and Maunsell coaches following the Farish announcement of Original Bulleid Merchant Navy Pacifics and Bulleid Coaches last year it appears to be a good time for Southen in N Gauge!

Another announcement of potential interest from the Hornby International stable under the Rivarossi brand is the USA 0-6-0 tank in HO. The body is therefore the wrong scale and lacks the modifications made by the SR for their USA tanks, however the chassis might be useful under perhaps a SE Finecast kit?  There is of course already the announcement earlier in the year of the Model Rail commission via Dapol of a 4mm SR USA tank which will be the best option for 4mm modellers.