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Continental kippers! – a Brighton Belle in N Gauge from Arnold

It might sound a little left field but continental manufacturer Arnold have yesterday announced a Brighton  Belle set in N Gauge and that will be in the British 1.148 scale rather then the usual continental 1.160 scale.

This is not perhaps as odd as it might seem as Arnold are part of the Hornby International stable and therefore have access to the information that Hornby used for their 4mm version in the UK.
A German flyer about the models to be produced in both Umber & Cream and Blue & Grey liveries is worth a look , and can be seen here, ignoring some of the obvious inaccuracies in the text which can be spotted even in German!

British N Gauge modellers will of course be pleased that it is to be manufactured in the establish British 1.148 scale and perhaps this might lead to other British prototypes appearing the Arnold range.

Hornby have already in the past dabbled slightly in British N Gauge with their now unfortunately ceased range ‘Liddle End’ of  very nice cast resin buildings that we similar to their very good 4mm big brothers in the Scaledale range. With Dapol announcing both SR / BR(s) locos and Maunsell coaches following the Farish announcement of Original Bulleid Merchant Navy Pacifics and Bulleid Coaches last year it appears to be a good time for Southen in N Gauge!

Another announcement of potential interest from the Hornby International stable under the Rivarossi brand is the USA 0-6-0 tank in HO. The body is therefore the wrong scale and lacks the modifications made by the SR for their USA tanks, however the chassis might be useful under perhaps a SE Finecast kit?  There is of course already the announcement earlier in the year of the Model Rail commission via Dapol of a 4mm SR USA tank which will be the best option for 4mm modellers.


Bachmann and Farish Southern related Work in Progress

This post is just a quick update from  Bachmann (00) and Farish (N) on where Southern Railway / Southern Region related previously announced models are within work in progress.

Firstly Bachmann,  in 00 gauge, where the main good news is that the 25t ‘Pill Box’ brake vans have gone through production and are on the high seas to us as I type. A review of these models will be posted on this blog soon. Also the C class has now been approved for production to commence. In other SR related news the  SR PLV/PMV & CCT 4 wheel luggage vans announced in March this year are still at the development stage prior to entering the drawing office. The Class 205 ‘Thumper’ for the Kernow Model Centre is currently at the livery sample stage awaiting sign off before production can commence.

With respect to Farish, in N gauge, the 25t ‘Pill box’ brake vans have been release for production. Also following their announcement in March this year the Bulleid coaches are in the drawing office whilst the Original Style Merchant Navy pacifics along with the SR Van U (BR CCT) are at the Development stage prior to entering the drawing office.

Bachmann 2012/3 a Southern update

Since my post made on Tuesday morning about Bachmann / Graham Farish plans for 2012/3 I am able to provide a few more details / information on the Southern related elements of the announcements

’00 gauge’ SR Luggage / Parcels Vans PLV/PMV & Van U / CCT.

Bachmann have listed these as being:
39-525 Southern PLV Passenger Luggage Van Southern Railway Green
39-526 Ex-Southern PMV Parcels & Miscellaneous Van BR Crimson
39-527 Ex-Southern PMV Parcels & Miscellaneous Van BR Green
39-528 Ex-Southern CCT Covered Carriage Truck BR Blue – Weathered

As the PLV/PMV differs from the Van U/CCT (which has end opening doors) I have sought clarification from Bachmann that they do in fact intend to produce two different body mouldings and I will advise their reply in due course.

‘N gauge’ Original Style Bulleid Merchant Navy Pacifics

Those announced to be release are from the are of the Third Series that were paired with 6000 gallon tenders and different body shapes to the Second and first series. See my post on original Merchant Navy Pacifics here for more information on the differences. The ten in this series were built after nationalisation in 1948/9 so whilst they originally appeared in Malachite they never carried ‘Southern’ lettering. The Initial versions are:
372-310 No 35024 ‘East Asiatic Company’ in BR blue with early emblem
372-311 No. 35023 ‘Holland-Afrika Line’ in BR green with early emblem
372-312 No. 35028 ‘Clan Line’ in BR green with late crest.

‘N gauge’ Bulleid Coaches

Four types will become available over the next 18 months including the Brake Corridor Second (sic. aka Semi Open Brake Second), Second Corridor, Open Second and Composite Corridor versions. They will all the deep 15″ vent versions built post 1948. It has been advised that these will be produced from new research and not simply a scaled down version of the now quite old 4mm tooling (it may perhaps be hoped, or is it simple wishful thinking, that in the future this new research will be used to retool the 4mm versions?)
The initial versions will be:
374-430 63′ Second Brake Corridor Open – Green & 374-431 in Crimson & Cream,
374-440 63′ Second Corridor – Green & 374-441 in Crimson & Cream,
374-450 63′ Second Open – Green & 374-451 in Crimson & Cream,
374-460 63′ Composite corridor – Green & 374-461 in Crimson & Cream.

This combination will therefore allow for a typical 3 coach sets, BSK – CK – BSK, and longer to be created, although just like Hornby when they first introduced the Maunsell coaches Farish do not appear to grasped the Southern and the later regions use of sets by only producing one running numbered version of the Semi Open Brake Second when each set would have had two with different running numbers . I hope they prepare production to allow for twice the number of Brake coaches than the other varients.

Programme timings

It is worth noting that these plans for 2012/3 are just that; i.e. an 18 month programme, just they announced this time last year an 18 month programme which is why some items such as the ex SECR C lass have not made it into the shops yet but are still mainly on schedule.

Bachmann announce new models for 2012/13

At the now annual trade model and hobby show held today Bachmann / Farish announced their plan for new models to be produced over the next 18 months.

In 00 there are no new Southern related locomotives (although four new steam locomotives from other areas and a DMU will be produced), however they will be producing a range of the four wheel 10T luggage / parcels vans (PLV / PMV / CCT)

The N gauge Farish range will see new tooling for the Original style Bulleid Merchant Navy Pacifics (Initial 3 versions will be of Third series MN’s with 6000 gallon tenders, in BR Blue and Brunswick with both Early and Late crests) and a brand new range of Bulleid coaches (BR built 15″ Ventilator versions) and includes a BSK, SK, SO and CK. The four wheel luggage van CCT will also be produced in N gauge.

Full details of all the announcements other than those of Southern interest above can be found on RMweb here.

As I am overseas at the moment I will post additional information in due course, so watch this space!