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Southern models perform well in Model of the Year polls

Each year Model Rail magazine, RMweb and MREmag join forces to ask modellers to vote for their favourite models of the preceding 12 months. The results of the latest poll, are published today on both  RMweb and MREmag .

In another busy year for new British ready-to-run models in the three major scales, Bachmann Europe emerged as the clear winner, sweeping the board in ‘N’ gauge, winning all but one of the ‘00’ categories and scooping the overall Manufacturer of the Year award with almost 60% of the vote.

Southern Railway / Southern Region  models were top in many categories: Hornby claimed just one top prize – for its popular Maunsell pull-push coaches, whilst the Bachmann C Class 0-6-0 won the best ’00’ Steam outline model and their 25T SR ‘Pillbox’ brake vans won both the ’00’ and ‘N’ wagon categories.

Model Rail editor Ben Jones added: “Congratulations to all our winners. There are worthy victors in every category, but the quality of many models that didn’t win is testament to the high standards now being achieved by all our RTR manufacturers.”  The full list of Model of the Year 2012 awards winners is published in the Spring issue of MODEL RAIL magazine, on sale Thursday March 21st.

Another Southern Shed layout to the fore!

It is always good to see other Southern layouts appear on the scene either at exhibitions or in the modeling press. On returning from my vacation at the weekend I saw the September issue of Model Rail magazine (173) on the shelf in the supermarket and was immediately drawn to the image of the Southern Region layout on the front cover.

Malcolm Young’s layout Hectorage Road is, like Fisherton Sarum, a Southern Shed layout based on  a real location, suitably adapted, in this case Tonbridge shed (74D), in Kent

Malcolm has captured beautifully the atmosphere  and key elements of Tonbridge, a spotting haunt from his younger days, and adapted them to create the layout in the space available.

Great minds must think alike; as just as I have done with Fisherton Sarum the layout name is derived from the locality rather than the actual shed name.  Hectorage Road is the road that runs along side Tonbridge shed and interestingly is the road in which Malcolm was born!

Malcolm, I know, is a regular reader of this blog and we have often spoken via the comment facility on here so it is good to see his excellent modelling in print,  captured so well by the excellent photography of Chris Nevard

Although not a regular subscriber to Model Rail magazine however I  usually get to see a copy at my Model Railway Society and will purchase a copy when particular articles such as Malcolm’s grab my attention. This issue of the magazine also sees it having undergone a bit of a welcome revamp with better quality paper (at last some would say)  and a change to perfect binding. These changes are a definite improvement, especially with respect to photograph reproduction and a step in the right direction for the magazine, perhaps reacting to the changes being made by other magazines in the sector.

Project USA – Model Rail magazine announce ’00’ RTR Southern USA Tank

Following on from the success of their first commissioned model steam locomotive in the shape of the Sentinal 4wVBT in 2011 Model Rail Magazine  have announced that their next commission via Dapol [Edit: 31/08/13, this model will now be produced by Bachmann] will be the Southern Railway USA 0-6-0 tank.

The Southern Railway purchased 14 (plus one extra for spares) of these powerful, short wheel based locomotives from the United States Army Transportation Corps in 1946 for use within Southampton Docks. They were modified at at Eastleigh works to suit SR use including: adding steam heating, vacuum ejectors, sliding cab windows, additional lamp irons and new cylinder drain cocks. Once the locomotives started to enter traffic, large roof-top ventilators were fitted, British regulators to replace the US-style pull-out one,  extended coal bunkers, separate steam and vacuum brake controls and wooden tip-up seats.

Six of the class were later transferred to departmental stock and could be found at locations such Guildford shed and Meldon Quarry. They were eventually replaced at Southampton by the Class 07 diesel shunters. Withdrawal of the class took place between 1964 and 1967.

Designed to the same standard as the Sentinals the models will feature: Accurate laser scanned body and chassis, Five pole super-creep motor, Heavy tungsten chassis for reliable performance and outstanding haulage power, DCC Ready, Spring Buffers, wire handrails, NEM Couplings, Extra detailing parts such as fire irons and duty boards, Etched metal front steps and Cab / bunker and smokebox variations.  Initially, due September 2013, these will be available in four liveries:

MR-101 Dapol USA 0-6-0T Steam Locomotive number 4326 in United States Army Transportation Corps livery.
MR-102 Dapol USA 0-6-0T Steam Locomotive number 68 in Southern Black livery with Sunshine lettering.
MR-103 Dapol USA 0-6-0T Steam Locomotive number 30069 in BR Black livery with early emblem.
MR-104 Dapol USA 0-6-0T Steam Locomotive number 30064 in BR Lined Malachite Green livery with late crest.

They can be pre-ordered via the Model Rail offers website here. 

Kernow / Dapol – Beattie Well Tank Wins Model of the Year Award

I am extremely pleased to advise that the ’00’ gauge Beattie Well Tank commissioned by the Kernow Model Centre and manufactured by Dapol has come first place within the 4mm Steam  locomotive category in the Annual Model of Year award 2011. The annual poll is organised jointly between RMweb, Model Rail Magazine and Model Railways Express online magazine and asks modellers to vote across a number of categories. Congratulations to the Kernow Model Centre for making the inspired and brave step to commission the model and for Dapol for manufacturing the model so nicely.

3314 in Bulleid Sunshine style livery is the latest release of this award winning model

As readers of this blog will be aware I have been providing assistance to the Kernow Model Centre with this model and also their future Southern related models so I am extremely pleased (without any bias of course) that the hard work and effort that has gone in to this model by all parties has been recognised in this way.
The full list of results can be found in the newly published  ‘Spring’ issue of Model Rail Magazine and also here on RMweb and on Model Railway Express online magazine in due course.

Long live the printed word…or where my ramblings can be found

Whilst of course I am indebted  to all of you out there who take the time to read my online ramblings, here in my little corner of the world wide web (I still don’t know why people say ‘www’ when it takes more syllables to say than then full version), I firmly believe there is still very much a place for the printed word in magazine etc. especially in our hobby.

There is still something great about the feel and action of physically turning the pages and reading such diverse content, especially such that I would not usually search for or find on the internet. After all good and inspiration modelling is good and inspirational modelling whatever the scale and genre. Also model railway photography has come on leaps and bounds over the last few years, to something that is stunning and inspirational in its own right, especially from behind the viewfinder of the likes of Chris Nevard and Mike Wild. When seen in magazine these sometimes just leap off the page at you in a way I don’t perceive from the screen.

I have been fortunate to have had articles published in a number of magazines, and should you be interested in searching out a few, below is the list of where I can be found in the printed word:

Fisherton Sarum has appeared in the December 2007 issue of Railway Modeller,  The April 2009 issue of Hornby magazine, and most recently the February issue of British Railway Modelling magazine.

My conversion of a Bachmann Southern N Class to a Southern N1 appeared in the August 2004 issue of Railway Modeller magazine

I have had three main articles (along with a couple of product review items) published in Hornby Magazine: the first of which was an article on my weathering techniques in the October 2008 issue. The March 2010 issue contained my article on my creation of LMS Coronation Class ‘City of Bradford’ as she appeared on the Southern for the Britsh Railways locomotive exchange trails in 1948. I also provided background  information about the trials in general.
Lastly for the January 2011 issue I penned an article on changing identities of Ready to Run locomotives to obtain the locomotive name and number of your choice and covered how to repaint and line locomotives too.

So long live the printed word, I am sure that magazines are here to stay in our hobby for a while yet.

Making your vote count – Railway Model of the Year 2011 poll

It’s that time of the year again when the now annual Model Rail Magazine  / RMweb online forum  / MREmag online independent news service – Railway Model of the Year Award poll has gone live online via RMweb.  

Railway modellers, not necessary solely readers or contributors to the listed magazines or forums, are invited to take part. The poll covers  N, 00 and 0 gauges and participants can vote on their favourite models that were released in 2011 along with a vote for overall manufacturer of the year. To register your votes click here.

Since its initial introduction a couple of years ago the poll has become more widely supported and respected by modellers, the model railway media and manufacturers alike.

It should be remembered that only models that were actually introduced during 2011 are eligible to be included, so some models that actually appeared at the very end of 2010 but perhaps were not so widely available until early 2011 do not make the list as they would have been included in last year’s poll.

Model Photography – Mastery of Chris Nevard

A view across the front of the shed at Fisherton Sarum (c) Hornby Magazine / C Nevard

I am fortunate, and indebted,  that many (although not all) of the photographs of my layout Fisherton Sarum that I am able to use here on this  blog were taken by my friend, fine modeller and expert photographer Chris Nevard.
The results of his skills in my case were first  seen in Hornby Magazine and these days his work graces the pages of Model Rail magazine.
I am sure that being such an expert modeller himself having built and exhibited inspirational layouts such as Cement Quay, Catcott Burtle, Combwich and more recently Brewhouse Quay  is what gives Chris such a good eye for a camera angle.

Chris also has his own blog which I can whole heartedly recommend and this can be found here, however what promoted me to put fingers to keyboard this morning was his informative  blog post yesterday about model photography which is well worth a read, and helps clarify some of what is seen by some as a black art.