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Happy New Year! First 2017 Picture of the Month and a hint to next week…

Happy New Year, lets hope that 2017 is not eventful for the wrong reasons like some of the events from last year (to many RIPs to mention)… the first picture of the month for 2017 is…

A quiet period on shed with Bulleid pacific 21C102 “Salisbury” being cleaned, a modified Hornby fitted with original style cab and short smoke deflectors. A Drummond 4-4-0 L11 “Large Hopper” No 405 is being coaled. She has been built from Lodden etched brass kit. An Adams 0-4-4T O2 No 213 also simmers on shed.

Just a quick heads up, the next few days will see announcements from both Hornby and Bachmann of their 2017 ranges.
Hornby will be releasing their full range to traders at a series of meetings this week commencing this Wednesday (4th January) at around 10am, I will post my round up of the relevant Southern related releases planned as soon as the full range is live (as I do not want to jump the gun) on the Hornby web channels.
Bachmann will be presenting their 2017/18 plans to the media, and meeting with many of their trade partners, next Sunday (8th January), and I will bring you news of any items of a Southern interest from the venue during the day, so watch this space..,

Happy New Year! First 2016 picture of the Month

Happy New Year, the first picture of the month for 2016 is…

A Drummond T14 4-6-0 “Paddlebox” 461 a NuCast kit heads towards London with a Meldon Quarry Ballast train. The SR Diagram 1774 40T hoppers are modified Lima wagons on new bogies and other details added.