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Bachmann SR 25T Pill box brake van livery sample pictures

Bachmann have now released pictures of the livery samples of their soon to be released SR 25t pill box type brake vans. The images can be seen on the Bachman website here.  They should, I am told,  hopefully be available by September this year.

I had the chance to view these in the ‘plastic’ so to speak the other weekend and the finish etc is very much up to the high standard that we have come to expect from Bachmann. The images on the Bachmann website are better the quick snaps I took the other weekend hence linking to their website rather than posting my own images.

Bachmann claim to be able to produce a variety of the different versions of these brake vans such as: even planking (as per the images),  uneven planking, either left or right hand look out duckets. It would appear that all the livery samples are utilising the same type of moulding and I hope this does not reflect the actual moulding being used for the three liveries shown as they all have the same BR style axle boxes even on the Southern decorated versions!  We shall have to wait and see how the production versions turn out.

First Picture – Bachmann SR 25T Pill Box Brake Van

A little while ago now Bachmann announced that it was adding Southern Railway 25t Pill Box style brake van to its range. These brake vans were seen all over the Southern network and currently the only 4mm model available is the Cambrian models kit.

Bachmann have now released the first image of an engineering sample for the brake van. The models in this range feature subtle differences that reflect the modifications and build style changes of the originals.  Click here to see the image, that I can not post directly to protect Bachmann’s copyright.

The SR Pill Box Brake Vans will be available from Bachmann  in both LH and RH Ducket versions and come with either standard or 2+ planked sides. They will also feature two styles of sandbox, open-framed or enclosed W Iron details, and moulded underframe detail for single or equal brake gear mechanisms. In addition, three versions of compartment door/window detail will eventually available.

These will I am sure be a popular and welcome edition to anyone’s Southern fleet and if this engineering sample image is to go by will be an excellent looking model.