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Heljan announce new SR Passenger Luggage Vans and Utility Vans in 0 Guage

Heljan have today announced that are to produce the SR 4 wheel Passenger Luggage Vans and Utility Vans in 0 Gauge.

PMV S1874S (picture copyright and courtesy Heljan / Ben Jones)

The Passenger Luggage Vans, ‘PLV’ (Parcels / Miscellaneous Van, PMV) were initially developed by the SECR in 1919, the design formed the base for numerous luggage produced subsequently by the Southern. The original SECR built versions did not have the side vents and number of the ex SECR PLVs were through piped in the 1930s for Pull Push work. From the 1939 built batch the PLVs were built with mixed 6½” / 3½” planking on the body side.

Utility Vans, ‘Van U’ (Covered Carriage Truck, CCT) were first  introduced in 1925 the Utility vans were similar to the PLV but with end loading doors also like the PLVs up until 1938 even thickness body side planking was employed and those from 1938 were built with mixed 6½” / 3½” planking. Those built by BR ins 1955 had plywood sides.

The Heljan models will depict a range of variations and liveries across the PLV/PMV – Van U/CCT as follows:

9150 Southern Railway PLV No. 1171 (even planks)
9151 BR Crimson PMV unnumbered (uneven planks)
9152 BR(S) green PMV S1626S (plywood body)
9153 BR Blue PMV S1574 (plywood body)
9154 BR Blue PMV S1865 (uneven planks) WEATHERED
9155 BR Gulf Red PMV ADS4 (even planks)

9170 Southern Railway Van U No 2372 (even planks)
9171 BR Crimson CCT S1765S (even planks) WEATHERED
9172 BR(S) green CCT unnumbered (even planks)
9173 BR Blue NOV (CCT) S2017 (plywood body)
9174 BR Departmental Olive ADB975276 (uneven planks)
9175 BR Blue CCT S1733 (uneven planks)

This project is currently at the CAD stage and Heljan hope to show first samples in early-2023 with production towards the end of next year.


Workbench Witterings #5 O2 and not an O2, is this more weathering I see before me

With a nod to the fact that today, 23rd April, is not only St Georges Day, but also the date on which William Shakespeare is understood to have both been born and this year the 400th anniversary of his death, hence the stretching of a few quotations from his writings (so much more than witterings) in the title.
My last Workbench Witterings #4 post detailed some of the locomotives I have been working on and finishing over the last few weeks and this Workbench Witterings #5 post shows a few more.

The Kernow Model Rail Centre O2 number 225 now weathered

First up is a pair of the Kernow Model Rail Centre ex LSWR Adams O2 class, 0-4-4Ts in the form of two mainland versions in SR post war black livery. Number 225, Kernow Model Rail Centre release K2105, was already in post 1946 SR black so has been lightly weathered, crew added

O2 Number 225 will be coupled to a Pull Push set using a prototypical screw coupling

(nice and simple to do as the cab roof is designed to be easily removed) and real coal added to the bunker.
She will generally be seen on Fisherton Sarum sharing duties with an M7 class loco coupled to my Pull Push set number 734 or the Kernow Model Rail Centre ex LSWR Gate Stock Pull Push sets when they arrive.

O2 Number 193 for use on shunting duties

Number 193 started life in BR lined black livery as 30193, Kernow Model Rail Centre release K2106,  and repainted into unlined SR livery, unlike 225 is non pull push fitted.
Now backdated to number 193 as well as crew on the footplate and real coal added to the bunker she has been fitted with both red and white lamps at each end on the lamp irons above the buffers, as per a locomotive carrying our shunting duties.

A rear 3/4 view of O2 number 193

I have also, carefully using a small razor saw, cut out the cab doors as these were only found on the pull push fitted mainland O2s (although those on the Isle of Wight also had cab doors). To reduce the distance that the tension lock coupling extends past the buffers I also shortened the NEM coupling pocket slightly by cutting off a few millimeters from the front face and holding the tension lock coupling in with a spot of glue.
If you own one these Kernow Model Rail Centre O2s it is also worth checking that the back to backs of the driving wheels are correctly set to 14.5mm, as some have reported issues with haulage which has mainly been due to the back to backs being slightly too wide and simple to rectify by pushing the wheels in slightly, not that mine needed any such adjustment.

A repainted and weathered Bachmann E4

Next up is a Bachmann ex LBSC Billinton E4 Class, 0-6-2T repainted and numbered as 2486. Although ex LBSC locomotives they could seen seen across a wide area of the Southern network. After the closure of the Salisbury Western Region shed in 1950 the ex SR shed was allocated numbers 32506 and 32486.

A rear 3/4 view of a work stained E4 number 2486

This was reported as being much to the annoyance of the ex WR crews on the duty shunting Fisherton Yard as they preferred their previsous GWR pannier tanks! So modellers licence regarding the bringing date of allocation to Salisbury slightly earlier will apply on Fisherton Sarum. She has been finished in a condition where she could benefit from a good clean and a bit of an overhaul.

Van B number 231

Finally for now, it is not just locomotives that I have got round to finishing off with a bit of weathering, also seen here are a couple of Non Passenger Carrying Cars.
Firstly the Hornby Bogie Van B that I  mentioned on my Workbench Witterings #1 post after repainted into malachite green a while ago as non stove fitted version number 231.

A weathered Bachmann PLV

The other is a Bachmann PLV, Parcels Luggage Van (coded PMV in BR parlance) and is still in Maunsell green under the layer of grime.

As I said before I have managed to catch up with finishing a number outstanding projects and these last two Workbench Witterings Posts don’t yet cover them all but I wont bore you with more pictures of weathered black locomotives for now  so watch this space for something different next time around.

Bachmann 2016/17 range announcements celebrate 30 years of NSE with 2 HAP in 00 and Class 319 in N

Today Bachmann Europe Plc. announced their plans for the next 18 months, or so (which I know some will find amusing as progress on some of the previously announced models have certainly taken, or are taking longer longer than their intended 18 month timescales for a number of reasons),  for both the Bachmann Branchlines (00) and Graham Farish (N) brands. They also provided updates on the current work in progress. I outline below the couple of items of Southern / Southern Region interest, much centered around the 30th anniversary of Network SouthEast including a Class 47, Class 166 Networker, and Class 08 in NSE liveries.

The Launch of Network South East took place on 10th June 1986 at Waterloo Station. Picture courtesy and copyright Brian Morrison

Bachmann also advised that 2016, like the last couple of years will also have to be a year of consolidation to catch up with previously announced models with addition of new resources being put into the areas of CAD and tooling, which is generally where the currently bottlenecks are occurring, as opposed to production . Overall in addition to the two new tooled EMUs over 300 new items (liveries) have been added to the two ranges.

A further development will be the addition of passengers to coaches and loads to wagons. Selected coaches in the Mk1 and Mk2 range and some of the EMUs will soon be available with factory fitted passengers.

Bachmann 00 gauge

The headline new tooling is the Class 414 (2 HAP) EMU that will be produced in Blue and Grey with NSE branding, BR Green, Blue and Grey and Network SouthEast livery.

2 HAP No. 6061 in BR Green. Picture courtesy and copyright Rodney Lissenden

The 2 HAP was introduced between 1957 and 1963, for outer suburban services, totaling 209 units the majority were of Mk1 design, numbered 6001-6173, whilst a batch of 36, numbers 5601-5636, were SR Style slam door bodies built on the underframes of older withdrawn units. The last of the class were withdrawn in 1995.
The N Class 2-6-0 will once again be available in BR lined black livery with early emblem as 31874, 1406 in SR black livery and as Number 1854 (again)  in ‘The Thanet Flyer’ train set pack with two Bulleid coaches (BTK & CK from exisiting tooling) in SR Malachite Green (albeit incorrectly SR branded as the coaches are based on the later post 1950 built versions).
The E4 0-6-2T will be released as 2517 in SR Green and 32494 in BR Lined Black with early emblem.

There will be further releases of the SR PLV in SR Livery, PMV in BR Green livery with black ends and the CCT in BR Blue (weathered) and in Departmental Green liveries.

31-380 Class 416 2 EPB EMU No. 6262 in blue & grey livery with NSE branding with Passenger figures
31-390 Class 414 2 HAP No. 6061 in BR green livery
31-391 Class 414 2 HAP No. 6062 in BR blue & grey livery
31-392 Class 414 2 HAP No. 4322 in Network SouthEast livery
31-654 Class 47 No. 47576 ‘Kings Lynn’ in Network SouthEast livery
32-109 Class 08 No. 08631 ‘Eagle’ in Network SouthEast livery
32-165 N Class No. 31874 in BR lined black livery with early emblem
32-166 N Class No. 1406 in SR black livery
32-290DS Class 101 2 car DMU in Network SouthEast livery with with Passenger figures and DCC SOUND
35-076A E4 No. 2517 in Southern green livery
35-079 E4 No. 32494 in BR lined black livery with early emblem

30-430 Capital Commuter Train Set Pack Class 416 in NSE with Art Deco low releif station building and track.
30-165 The Thanet Flyer Train Set Pack as desribed above.
39-525A SR PLV in Southern Railway green livery
39-528A SR CCT in BR blue livery (weathered)
39-529 SR CCT in Departmental green livery
39-530 SR PMV in BR green livery with black ends
39-003 BR Mark 1 coach pack (1 x SK and 1 x BSK) in BR blue & grey livery with NSE branding with Passenger figures
39-188 BR Mark 1 BG Full Brake in Network SouthEast livery
39-265 BR Mk1 RMB Restaurant Miniature Buffet in Network SouthEast livery
39-273 BR Mark 1 GUV General Utility Van in BR (S) green livery
33-831 Queen Mary Brake Van in SatLink livery (weathered)
33-832 Queen Mary Brake Van in EWS livery
38-075B 12T Southern ventilated van in Southern Railway brown livery (large letters)
38-076C 12T Southern ventilated van in BR bauxite livery
38-990 20T Brake Van and SR Pill Box Brake Van twin pack in Network SouthEast livery

Work in progress includes the SECR Birdcage Coaches and the LBSCR H2 Class 4-4-2 Atlantics which are now in the drawing office.  The USA tank for (Model Rail Magazine) is now about to move into production.

Graham Farish N gauge

New tooling in N Gauge is the Class 319 EMU in Network South East, Thameslink and ‘Northern Powerhouse’ Northern Rail liveries.

372-875 Class 319 No. 319004 in Network SouthEast (original dark grey) livery Picture courtesy and copyright of Dennis Lovett.

72 of these four car dual voltage units were built by BREL in York during 1987/8 for the launch of the Thameslink services between Bedford and Brighton.

Also announced are a couple of train packs: ‘The Capital Connection’ comprising of a Class 47/4 and 3 off Mk1 coaches in NSE livery and ‘A Day at the Races’ featuring a Class 3MT 2-6-2T number 82001 in BR Lined Breen livery with 3 off BR Mk1 Horseboxes in BR Green.

371-427A Class 170 No. 170308 3 car DMU in South West Trains livery
371-023 Class 08 No. 08600 ‘Ivor’ in Network SouthEast livery
372-875 Class 319 No. 319004 in Network SouthEast livery
372-876 Class 319 No. 319382 in Thameslink livery
372-877 Class 319 No. 319362 ‘Northern Powerhouse’ in Northern Rail livery
370-185 A day at the Races Train Pack
370-430 Capital Connection Train Pack
374-016 BR Mark 1 SO in Network SouthEast livery
374108A BR Mark 1 RMB in BR (S) green livery
374-131A BR Mark 1 GUV in BR green livery
374-166 BR Mark 1 FK in Network SouthEast livery
374-193 BR Mark 1 BSK in Network SouthEast livery

From a work  in progress perspective The SECR Birdcage coaches are still at the development stage whilst the SR 4 wheel utility vans have now been approved for production along with the BR standard 4MT (80xxx) 2-6-4Ts. The Queen Mary brake vans are in the process of being shipped.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Bachmann for their kind hospitality at their media event today.

Southern Railway / Region related model news update – further updated 12/06/2015

Today’s post is an update / catch up on the status of a few Southern Railway / Region related models that are in progress with a number of the Ready to Run manufacturers / commissioners from N to 0 gauge.

Kernow Model Centre

Regular readers of my blog will know that I have been assisting the Kernow Model Centre with their Southern related commissions and I pleased to be able to report progress on a number of fronts.

Latest livery sample of the Kernow Models Centre O2 K2105 in SR post war black livery as No. 225

Firstly: livery samples of the mainland version of the Adams O2 have now been received, a number of corrections made and already second livery samples returned in the last week or so. Once all the variations are finally signed off then production can start, along with the Isle of Wight versions that were fully signed off a while ago now. Further information on the Kernow model Centre O2’s can be found here.

ex LSWR Gate Stock parts hot off of the injection moulding machines, can you guess what each part is?

Secondly: It had been kept reasonably quiet, that the although the CADs for the ex LSWR Gate Stock Pull Push sets were previously signed off, tooling has actually commenced and The Kernow Model Centre have now received photographs of the first off components from the tooling. These now require assembly and shipping to the UK for inspection. Further information on the Kernow Model Centre ex LSWR Gate Stock can be found here.

Lastly for now: I can also advise that work is also progressing in the background with updates and corrections to the CADs for the ex LSWR Dia 1541 10T road vans, first announced last September. So watch this space for further news.


The Bachmann livery sample for the SR PLV

The first livery samples for the Bachmann  four wheel luggage vans PLV/PMV and CCT’s first announced in March 2012  have now been received and all can be seen here on the Bachmann website. They are producing the following:
39-525 Southern PLV Passenger Luggage Van Southern Railway Green
39-526 Ex-Southern PMV Parcels & Miscellaneous Van BR Crimson
39-527 Ex-Southern PMV Parcels & Miscellaneous Van BR Green
39-528 Ex-Southern CCT Covered Carriage Truck BR Blue – Weathered

Graham Farish

The first of the original Merchant Navy Pacific models that I reviewed in my post here have now actually started to appear with the retailers.

Graham Farish N Class No. 31844

The N Class Mogul 2-6-0 first announced in March 2013 is now on its way,  with the review samples having been received by the model media so they should start to appear with retailers during July and August. Just like the Merchant Navy, I can vouch for the fact that it is an impressive looking model, especially for its size, and continues the increase in levels of detail for N Gauge Ready to Run models. A video of these models, but sadly not actually running, can be viewed on their website here.
The following four initial variations are being produced:
372-930 No. 868 in SR Olive Green
372-931 No. 31844 in BR Black Early Emblem
372-932 No. 31811 in BR Black Late Crest
372-933 No. 810 in SECR Grey

The livery samples for the Bogie Van B model have been signed off and the expected delivery of the of these models is currently due the end of August / September.


Dapol cad of the 4mm ex LSWR style lattice post working signal

Dapol have via their Facebook page here (you do not have to be a member to access the page) Dapol have released CAD images of  the planned 4mm working signals in both SR Rail built and also ex LSWR  lattice post styles. [Edit:] Dapol have also advised 2mm version of these signals are planned.

At the start of last month they also announced a delay to the O Gauge Terrier due to the the level of electromagnetic emissions. A slight modification is now required to the production which will result in delay in the shipment of the initial SR green and LBSC versions towards the end of July, however the BR and Bodiam variants are now due to be delivered three to four weeks later.

I have also been informed that the CAD work on the first variants of  the N Gauge Schools class first announced in July 2012 have been completed, I had already provided some corrections and information to Dapol for these a while back so it is good to hear that they are progressing, but no news as yet when tooling might actually commence.

[Edit:] I have also been reminded that BR green liveried versions of the N gauge Maunsell coaches are due out next month and that Dapol have also now committed to bringing out a brake composite and four compartment brake third by Quarter 4 2015 and these are currently at CAD/CAM stage. This will make possible several prototypical set formations.


[Further Edit 12/06/15] Hornby have today released a video via their Engine Shed blog post here from their development team that shows the first running sample of the Adams Radial. Keen eyes should also check out the coaches that the sample is hauling as I think the cat might have been let out of the bag on some other appropriate items  they have planned for release in 2016, that I was previously made aware of, but I wont say anymore until more formal information is released…so watch this space…

That was the Warley that was ’14, duplication is the name of the game… [Updated 28/11/14]

Last weekend saw the annual Warley National Model railway Exhibition at the NEC, this post rounds up the news from a Southern / BR(s) perspective. As duplication seems to be the order of the day I have also duplicated part of the post title from one I have used before. It is usual for some manufacturers to use the event to make announcements of new items or showcase updates to new products under development. This year was no exception although Hornby make the unusual step of announcing part of their intended plans for 2015 at the show.
Many thanks to those of you who read this blog for popping by the Shortley Bridge and Felton Cement Works layout on the Hornby Magazine stand, where I was playing trains all weekend, and saying hello it was good to see you.


In making the unusual step of a pre-announcement announcement of their 2015 range Hornby are going head to head with two previously announced SR / BR(s) models from other manufacturers. This is likely to be due to the fact  that they have been working on the development of these models for some time now, Simon Kohler discusses such duplication in his interesting blog on the Hornby website here (posted just before the Warley show). Some people may ask why manufacturers can not simply talk to each other to avoid such duplication but this of course would fall foul of anti competition laws.

Image copyright and courtesy A York

First up is the ex LSWR Adams Radial 4-4-2T, that was announced earlier this moth by Oxford Rail. Hornby had an Engineering Prototype on display they also had on display extracts from CAD drawings that show their intent to produce variations of Chimney and Boilers (Adams vrs Drummond) and also frame lengths, images of these can be found on the Hornby website here along with details of other non SR related items. Hornby advise that this model should be available late 2015. This particular prototype has finished high in recent wish list polls, hence the interest. I was also assisting another potential manufacturer of this model but this has now been sensibly replaced with another model instead, albeit non SR related, once the intent of the other parties was discovered.

An image of the initial Class 71 CAD

Secondly they also announced a BR(S) Class 71 3rd rail electric locomotive for delivery in 2016. This model has been previously announced by DJModels back in July using a kickstarter campaign hosted via the Kernow Model Railway Centre. only last week they confirmed that the required number of orders had been reached to allow the production of the model to go ahead.

Image copyright and courtesy A York

In addition to the above announcements that also had livery samples of the ex LSWR Drummond 700 Class 0-6-0’s on display.

Hornby will be announcing the full details of their 2015 range on the 17th December and I will bring you a round up all the specific SR and BR(s) information to you at the same time, having been briefed along with the rest of the model railway media at Margate a week before.


Image copyright and courtesy A York

On the Bachmann stand were livery samples of their ex LBSC E4 on display in both Maunsell Pre 1931 lined olive green and also BR black versions.
The exhibition also saw for the first time the, only just arrived,  Engineering Prototype of the Southern Passenger Luggage vans PLV/PMV’s.

An initial image, a better one will be uploaded in due course

I am now also able to confirm that only one tooling [*update 28/11/14 below] for these vans is being introduced to despite their catalogue and website that mixing the terms PLV/PMV and CCT they are not producing a Southern Van U (BR designation CCT) with the end opening doors. Further information about these vans and the various can be found on my Talking Stock #6 post SR Luggage Vans which is based on the kits that this RTR version will now also kind of duplicate.

Graham Farish

No new SR related news to be had as they were showing the same first off Engineering samples of the N class and original style third series Merchant Navy Bulleid pacific that we have seen before, this does not of course mean that no further progress has been made behind the scenes.

Model Rail Magazine

Model Rail Magazine announced a further two livery versions of their USTC/SR USA 0-6-0T model commissioned via Bachmann,  in the form of: MR105 N0. 300 ‘Major-General Frank S. Ross’ in Longmoor Military Railway blue and MR106  No. DS233 in department black with post 1956 BR emblem, these and the previously announced models can be pre-ordered here although Model Rail advise that If you want a ‘USA tank’ you need to be quick placing your pre-order as one livery has already sold out and others are nearly all sold. Away from the show I have been privileged to have assisted in the reviewing of the CADs for these models and they are now very close to going for tooling.


Dapol had on display various model samples for models first announced back in 2012 :
In N gauge, livery samples of their Maunsell coaches in SR Olive Green along with the Van C.
In 4mm scale they had the latest Engineering prototypes of both versions of the Class 73 Electro Diesel (73/0 – JA and 73/1 – JB).  It appears that the 73/0 variant might be available first, even though to date they have only announced 73/1 versions!
For 0 Gauge modellers the first liveried sample of the Terrier was on display in Brighton livery.


On their stand in addition to livery samples of the 05 Class diesel shunter (one of the prototypes of course was outposted on the Isle of Wight for quite some time) they had the kit of parts that will make up their 009 ready to run Lynton and Barnstaple 2-6-2 Exe, Tor and Yeo locomotives.

Comet Models

Following the untimely passing of proprietor and friend Geoff Brewin, in September, his family are pleased to announce that the entire extensive range of locomotive chassis, coach kits and detailing items has now been successfully sold to Andrew Hartshorne of Wizard Models (and Model Signal Engineering), welcome news indeed. The transfer is planned to take place over the weekend of the 5th – 7th December inclusive, and Andrew hopes to open for trade of Comet items on Monday December 8th.

So all in all a very busy Warley show, with many announcements made, including those of interest to modellers of other railways. I am sure some will have ongoing ramifications within the model railway world, including no doubt some conspiracy theories,  interesting times ahead I feel…

[*update 28/11/14]

I have now received a further clarification from Bachmann with respect to the tooling being produced for the PLV/PMV and they have advised the following:

The first engineering samples of the forthcoming Bachmann Branchline Southern Utility Vans were displayed at the 2014 Warley Show. Two bodies have been tooled for these models which cover the Southern PMV which have one vent at each end (item Nos. 39-525, 39-526 & 39-527); whilst the second tooling portrays a CCT vehicle which has been converted to a PMV, this is evident from the sealed end doors with four vents at each end (item No. 39-528). An image of such a vehicle can be found at http://paulbartlett.zenfolio.com/srcct/h1552e6d6#h1552e6d6. The image used in the 2014 Bachmann Branchline catalogue for item No. 39-528 incorrectly shows a standard PMV. I trust this clarifies the situation.

Thanks to Bachmann for the clarification over and above what I was informed by them at Warley.

Talking Stock # 6 SR Luggage, Parcels and Utility Vans

In light of Bachmann’s recent announcement to produce versions of these 10 ton 4 wheel luggage,  Parcels and utility vans I thought it might be timely to provide a little more information about the differing types and describe those that I have already in my fleet and can be seen running on Fisherton Sarum. The designations in brackets relate to those given in BR days.

Passenger Luggage Van, ‘PLV’ (Parcels / Miscellaneous Van, PMV)

Available as Parkside Dundas Kit PC36 and now Ready to Run from Bachmann announced

A ex SECR PLV (BR PMV) No 1966 from a Parkside Kit the SECR versions differed from the SR built versions by not having bodyside ventilators and were through piped in the 1930.s for Pull Push work

Developed by the SECR in 1919 the design formed the base for numerous luggage produced subsequently by the Southern. The Parkside kit is based on the pre 1939 batches of vans with even planking on the body side. The original SECR built versions did not have the side vents (the Parkside kit can be built as either version, with or without side vents) and number of the ex SECR PLVs were through piped in the 1930s for Pull Push work.

Passenger Luggage Van, ‘PLV’ (Parcels / Miscellaneous Van, PMV)

From the 1939 built batch the PLVs were built with mixed 6½” / 3½” planking on the body side. I am not aware at the time of writing of a kit for this version.

Utility Van, ‘Van U’ (Covered Carriage Truck, CCT)

Available as Parkside Dundas Kit PC39 or Dapol ex Wrenn Ready-to-Run and now also Ready to Run from Bachmann announced.

SR Van U, Utility Van (BR CCT) No 1737 built from a Parkside kit, differs from the PLV/PMV by having end loading doors.

First introduced in 1925 the Utility vans were similar to the PLV but with end loading doors also like the PLVs up until 1938 even thickness body side planking was employed and those from 1938 were built with mixed 6½” / 3½” planking as modelled by both Dapol and Parkside.

SR Van U (CCT), a repainted Wrenn version

The Dapol ex Wrenn utility van considering the age of the original tooling it is not a bad model although a few minor dimensional compromises have been made, mainly around the doors which like the Tri-ang bogie luggage van have been made to open. Also the under frame detail is a little over scale. I have repainted mine and in amongst the Parkside kits can be difficult to spot.

Utility Van (CCT) Built in 1955 with Plywood sides.

Available as Parkside Dundas Kit PC47

As I model the period from 1946 to 1949 I have not added this version to my collection.
The announcement by Bachmannof their plans for  Ready to Run versions of the PLV/PMV and Van U  /CCT I am sure will be welcome by many modellers (unless you are a kit manufacturer) and assuming they match the standard set by Hornby for the Van C / BY of which I have no doubt they they will be a popular addition to many a layout.

Bachmann announce new models for 2012/13

At the now annual trade model and hobby show held today Bachmann / Farish announced their plan for new models to be produced over the next 18 months.

In 00 there are no new Southern related locomotives (although four new steam locomotives from other areas and a DMU will be produced), however they will be producing a range of the four wheel 10T luggage / parcels vans (PLV / PMV / CCT)

The N gauge Farish range will see new tooling for the Original style Bulleid Merchant Navy Pacifics (Initial 3 versions will be of Third series MN’s with 6000 gallon tenders, in BR Blue and Brunswick with both Early and Late crests) and a brand new range of Bulleid coaches (BR built 15″ Ventilator versions) and includes a BSK, SK, SO and CK. The four wheel luggage van CCT will also be produced in N gauge.

Full details of all the announcements other than those of Southern interest above can be found on RMweb here.

As I am overseas at the moment I will post additional information in due course, so watch this space!