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Bachmann 2015/16 range announcements include Class 450 EMU and 45T Ransomes and Rapier steam crane (updated)

Bachmann Europe Plc. have today, back in its usual March timing after last years change to July to coincide with the 25th Anniversary celebrations, announced their plans for the next 18 months, or so,  for both the Bachmann Branchlines (00) and Graham Farish (N) brands. They also provided updates on the current work in progress. I outline below the couple of items of Southern / Southern Region interest, the highlights of which are the release of a Class 450 Desiro EMU and a 45T Ransomes and Rapier Steam Crane.

Bachmann also advised that following a couple of difficult years 2015 will also be a year of consolidation to catch up with previously announced models. They also confirmed that they dropped their initial plans to release an ex LSWR/SR S15 Class (and an ex LNER J50 class tank) following Hornby’s announcement last December. It is noted that neither a Merchant Navy or 00 upgrades to the Bulleid coaches have been announced. 

Bachmann 00 gauge

Class 450 EMU Picture courtesy Bachmann

The class 450 EMU, based on the previously released 350 EMU model will be released in both pristine (31-040) and weathered (31-041) South West Trains Liveries.

45t Ransomes and Rapier steam crane, picture courtesy Bachmann and copyright Colour-Rail

The 45 ton Ransomes and Rapier steam crane were introduced by a number of railway companies, including the Southern Railway, during the war and some lasted into the 1980s. Initially they are producing four versions in SR (38-800), GWR (38-801), BR (38-802) black liveries and a version in BR Red livery (38-803) This model will be available during 2016 and ultimately the intention is that versions will be produced with an element of DCC control to the movements.

Other announcements include: GWR 94xx and LNER J72 tanks and a Class 70/8 in Colas livery complete with correct revised air ducts and boxes. The LNER V2 is also being upgraded with completely new body tooling (some of which of course were drafted onto the Southern Region in 1952).

Other livery releases include:

  • 31-375A Class 416 2 Car EMU No. 5764 in BR Blue (Weathered)
  • 31-379 2EPB 2 Car EMU No. 5771 in BR Green
  • 31-425C 4CEP 4 Car EMU No. 7106 in BR (SR) Green
  • 31-426B 4CEP e Car EMU No.7122 in BR (SR) Green
  • 33-827C SR Queen Mary 25T Brake Van SR Brown 
  • 37-067 5 Plank Wooden Floor Wagon SR Brown
  • 37-090 7 Plank End Door Wagon SR Brown
  • 38-400A SR Pill Box Brake Van SR Brown
  • 38-404A SR Pill Box Brake Van BR Departmental Olive Green (weathered)
  • 39-053F BR MK1 Second Open (SO) in BR (S) Green 
  • 39-153D BR MK1 First Corridor (FK) in BR (S) Green
  • 39-228D BR MK1 Brake Corridor Composite (BCK) in BR (S) Green
  • 39-262B BR MK1 Miniature Buffet (RMB) in BR (S) Green

Bachmann 00 gauge work in progress 

 The E4 tanks are in transit to the UK with the H2 Atlantics still at the development stage. Livery samples have now been received for the PMV and CCT utility vans. The Ex SECR Birdcage stock is still in the drawing office as further research takes place. 

Graham Farish N gauge

Graham Farish Queen Mary brake van picture courtesy of Bachmann

The only item of Southern interest from a Graham Farish point of view is the release in the main catalogue of the Queen Mary brake vans (previously a limited edition) in 3 versions SR brown with post 1936 livery (377-875), BR Bauxite (377-876) and EWS Livery (377-877). 

Other livery releases include:

  • 374-051D BR MK1 Corridor Second (SK) in BR (S) Green
  • 374-083A BR MK1 Brake Corridor Composite (BCK) in BR (S) Green
  • 374-991 Bulleid Three Coach Set in BR (SR) Green
  • 377-0897 Plank End Door Wagon SR Brown

Graham Farish N work in progress 

Both the Merchant Navy pacifics and the N class locomotives are currently in production. The 12t Vent vans are in transit and livery samples of the Bogie B luggage van are being reviewed.

An honest approach from Bachmann this year concentrating on catching up with previsoulsy announced models. There was also a discussion on pricing, with confirmation that prices will continue to rise but will still be under the price of comparative models being supplied into the European market. 

Full details can be found on the Bachmann website