Making your vote count – Railway Model of the Year 2011 poll

It’s that time of the year again when the now annual Model Rail Magazine  / RMweb online forum  / MREmag online independent news service – Railway Model of the Year Award poll has gone live online via RMweb.  

Railway modellers, not necessary solely readers or contributors to the listed magazines or forums, are invited to take part. The poll covers  N, 00 and 0 gauges and participants can vote on their favourite models that were released in 2011 along with a vote for overall manufacturer of the year. To register your votes click here.

Since its initial introduction a couple of years ago the poll has become more widely supported and respected by modellers, the model railway media and manufacturers alike.

It should be remembered that only models that were actually introduced during 2011 are eligible to be included, so some models that actually appeared at the very end of 2010 but perhaps were not so widely available until early 2011 do not make the list as they would have been included in last year’s poll.

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