Rather than completely fill the links box to the right I thought I would assemble a few more Southern related links here.

Southern email Group SeMG website

Direct link to modelling section index on SeMG website

The South Western Circle

35006 Locomotive Company Limitedsee also my page here

35011 General Steam Navigation see also my page here

SJPModels Blog (my friend, fellow modeller and ‘full size’ signalling designer) 

The Kernow Model Rail Centre

RT Models (and ex Albert Goodall parts) 

RMWeb – online modelling inspiration

Blood and Custard Railwayman’s site

Russ Elliots guide to 3rd and 4th Rail

Maunsell Locomotive Society

Bulleid Society

Southern Electric Group

The South Eastern and Chatham Railway Society

The Brighton Circle

Bluebell Railway

Bluebell Railway whats new blog

Gloucestershire Warwickshire Steam Railway – home of 35006

Swindon and Cricklade Railway – home of 35011

British Railway Modelling Magazine

Hornby Magazine

Model Rail Magazine

Railway Modeller Magazine

Southern Railway Coach Sets on SReMG site

Southern / BR(s) Engine Headsignals (Headcode discs)

High Wycombe and District MRS

The world of Chris Nevard

Southern Way publication index

10 thoughts on “Links

  1. Hello Graham. I much enjoy your regular blogs so here’s one of mine. I hope you’ve bought your copy of ‘Model Rail’ 173 (Sept) because it contains my featured layout ‘Hectorage Rd’. Like your beautiful ‘Fisherton Sarum’, it’s ‘based on’ a real place, in this case, Tonbridge shed (74D), in Kent. So it’s decidedly Southern (SER). I think [hope] you’ll like it. M

    1. Hi Malcolm

      Many thanks for you kind comments. I do not usually purchase Model Rail but on returning from vacation yesterday I saw a copy in Tescos and the image of Hectorage Road on the front cover compelled me to purchase it! You are correct I do like it very much and I look forward to seeing it grow with the planned extensions.

  2. Hi Graham. And it’s turned up again! – this time in the current (October) issue of Hornby Magazine. Mike W found several new angles and I’ve also introduced some ‘transition’ items. M

  3. Graham,
    Have just flung myself into the realms of Blogsites, to post information on my layout Basingstoke in OO 1958-67 (still under construction). I thought it might be a possibility to link our sites together? Although I’m not quite sure how to do this, as I’m obviously not as advanced as you in this direction.
    Anthony. (SeMG) Ilsenburg Germany

  4. Graham,
    Just revamped my blogsite “Basingstoke in OO” as I have moved the layout (and myself) to a Spanish Railway Museum in Catalunya !

  5. Hi Graham,

    I’ve got a couple of pictures of scratch-built and kit-bashed southern region water cranes that I’d like to send to you as e-mail attachments but nowhere can I find your e-mail address. If you don’t want it to be made public, please just e-mail me at and then I could reply.


  6. Hello Graham,many thanks for such a great website.and equally great layout.
    As you have a close working relationship with Hornby would it be possible for you to pass on how disappointed I was at receiving Hornby’s latest issue of 34001 Exeter, I have emailed Hornby but have had no reply, my gripe is as follows 34001 was rebuilt in1957 therefore would not have had the AWS battery box fitted ,now Hornby have 2 mouldings one with a he Battery box and one without surely they could easily have selected the correct body moulding, it does need bringing to their attention, maybe offering a replacement body, whatever next a SR Light Pacific in Malachite with AWS box…..
    Kindest regards
    Jon Wagstaff

  7. Hi Graham, I apologise for approaching you via this unusual avenue, but I am writing from the British Library where I have been researching the author Rosalie Muspratt. Based on my research, I wanted to get in touch to see if you could help me with some further information. I think you can see my email address via WordPress – alternatively you can message us on Twitter @BL_Publishing.

    All the best,

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