This page showcases in one place a number of the Videos that I have posted throughout the blog

Fisherton Sarum

A video produced for Railway Modeller magazine as an overview of the layout.

See Controlling Interests #5 Turning Tables, here for more details.

See Controlling Interests #6 Uncoupling the Box van, here for more details


Canute Road Quay

The layout is DC so none of this DCC Jiggery Pokery  so whilst I do not have sound fitted locos I commissioned the production of an 40 minute ambient sound file that plays on a loop via a speaker under the baseboard that includes over 30 sounds such as not only loco noises but that of actual shunting, buffering up, wheel squeal, boats, voices and of course seagulls. see here for more details, some of these sounds can be heard on the video clips below. Note the sounds were playing during the video recording nothing has been dubbed post production.


35006 Peninsular & Oriental S. N. Co.

I was fortunate as Shareholder to have the chance of a ride in the cab of No.6, during the members and shareholders day on 13th July 2019  Further information and pictures about the run can be read here.