Ever increasing South Western Circles…

Tomorrow I shall be attending one of the quarterly meetings of the South Western Circle,  the Society, and I quote from their website:

“was formed in 1962, is a society for railway historians and enthusiasts interested in the London & South Western Railway (LSWR). The society has a membership of over 500, and aims to assist and encourage members to enhance their knowledge of the LSWR and its successors with research and quarterly publication of the Circle’s magazine ‘The South Western Circular’ Modelling activities have a high profile amongst the membership which is able to draw upon the Circle’s sales service of kits and components, comprehensive drawing service and photographic collections.” 

An ex LSWR Adams Jubilee A12 sits on the turntable at Fisherton Sarum with an ex LSWR Drummond M7 in the background

The meetings are well attended, splendidly interactive with an interesting range of  speakers/presentations from well known authoritative historians, authors and publishers including Mike King, Peter Swift, George Reeve and John Nicholas. The latter two gents are presenting tomorrow on the North Devon Railway which I look forward to with interest.

The quarterly magazine, ‘The South Western Circular‘,  more an A5 booklet than a magazine,  is always a tremendous read with an amazing wide range of articles to suit a broad range of interests.

I can whole heartedly recommend the South Western Circle to modellers and/or historians alike who have an interest in the London South Western Railway and its legacy within the Southern Railway.

2 thoughts on “Ever increasing South Western Circles…

  1. With the advent of the less glamorous SR locos coming on the market ,can we expect to see an 0395 (my DJH example along with a few other locos were lost when i divorced) along with a 700 . What are your thoughts on the foregoing?.

    1. Alan

      I would have thought that the 700 is more likely than the 0395 (although as I have a DJH kit myself on the to build list it might mean it will happen) As neither have any preserved examples it might push them slightly further down the list. It will be interesting to see how well the Bachmann C class sells.

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