Southern models show demand in annual wish list poll

The results of the 2013  MREmag and RMweb  annual wish list poll  has today been announced.
The poll provides a simple way for modellers and collectors alike to inform the major manufacturers and commissioners of ready-to-run railway models what they would like to see made from new tooling in N and 00 gauges.

Southern models featured well in both scales particularly in 00 with 5 out of the top ten steam locos and 7 of the the top 12  being: the Adams Radial (3rd), S15 (4th), 700 Class (5th), U class (7th) and H2 Atlantic (10th) . The often requested original air smoothed Merchant Navy was 12 after the H Class tank in 11th.  Southern Region’s class 71 and 74 were 2nd and third respectfully in the diesel and electric category. Whilst Southern coaching stock did not feature so highly the SR 6 Wheel milk tank was top of the non-passenger carrying coaching stock with the Gangwayed bogie luggage van 3rd. In the freight category the ex SECR 25t brake van came top with SR cattle wagon to dia 1529/1530 3rd and the Dia 1478 banana van in 6th. All of the above items also finished in the overall top 50.
In N gauge a Lord Nelson polled 3rd with surprisingly, considering Dapol have already announced their planned release, an original air smoothed Bulleid light pacific was in 6th.  An S15 was 9th and rebuilt Merchant Navy in 10th. As in 00 the gangwayed bogie luggage van and the ex SECR 25T brake van also polled highly  in 4th and 3rd respectively.

Over the last number of years that the poll has being run a number of the top voted items have subsequently been manufactured or announced. So although there is not a guarantee that winning models will be produced it does potentially increase the likelihood. It is known that manufacturers / commissioning retailers do take account of these results in when considering their future plans and some I know are already under consideration.

The full results can be found via the MREmag site here:

2013 Poll Results – OO Summaries (including the Top 50)

2013 Poll Results – OO by category

2013 Poll Results – N Summaries (including the Top 50) 

2013 Poll Results – N by category

2013 Poll Results – N & OO Age Groups, Eras and Thank yous

So many thanks to you all whom voted Southern this year and lets look forward to a few more Southern / Southern Region models appearing in the coming years.

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