4 thoughts on “Bachmann announce price increases of on average 20%

    1. It was indeed cheaper but now wages in China are being made to rise by the Government and is affecting all manufactures there. Shipping costs are also rising.

  1. Hi Graham,

    Have you seen that OO-Works have announced a new LBSCR I3 locomotive (http://www.ooworks.co.uk/#/forthcoming-locomotive/4584230319) , four of which used to work out of the Salisbury shed to Portsmouth?


    * The class had a very successful career and when electrification of the Brighton lines started to displace them they found new jobs elewhere. Initially cut down slightly by reducing the height of the boiler mountings and rounding-off of the cab roofs to work on the Eastern section, they subsequently moved further afield with, from 1938, four being allocated to Salisbury shed to work trains from there to Portsmouth and, in 1941, two going to the GWR at Worcester where they easily handled the traffic normally worked by that company’s Prairie tanks. By 1943, however, all of the class had returned to the Central section.


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    1. Hi Andrew I was indeed aware of the I3 connection with Salisbury and indeed have a kit built one in my fleet.
      Thanks for the heads up about the 00 Works version I will have to look into that.

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