The annual wish list poll is up and running

Over the last few years an annual wish list poll has been run as a collaboration between MREmag and  RMweb it is no coincidence that many of the items that have appeared at the top of these polls in past years have subsequently appeared in the main manufactures ranges.

The Wishlist Poll 2014 will run from 1 to 31 October and you can take part here.

The purpose of The Poll is to provide an easy and enjoyable way for modellers and collectors to tell the major manufacturers and commissioners of ready-to-run railway models what they would like to see made from new tooling (excluding models announced, tooled or made since 2000).

There are 21 categories in N and 00 covering: Steam locos of the Big Four and BR; Diesel & Electric Locos; DMUs & EMUs; Coaches; Non-passenger-carrying Coaching Stock; Freight Stock; General Service Stock; and other railway-related items (such as turntables). Two new categories this year cover Standard Gauge Industrial and London Underground.

To act as an aide-memoire, the 9-man Poll Team has again provided The Guide. If you don’t know the build dates of the various BR Mk1 catering vehicles, or whether one particular 0-6-0 steam loco will suit your needs better than others, you will find all the answers there – and many more! This guide can be found here.

If you have any queries, please contact The Poll Team by email here

Go on…vote for anything Southern you know you want to…go on…that’s right Southern…

2 thoughts on “The annual wish list poll is up and running

  1. Graham,

    Good to see you last Sunday.

    I cannot support this poll ever since there was a acrimonious split within its ranks.

    Several years ago I had been approached to assist the then pollsters MREmag and Graham Plowman of the Australian model railway club (name escapes me) but found it was a poised chalice and quietly withdrew deciding none of the participating parties were fit to work with.

    Not long after the the two polling groups inevitably split leaving two polls, MREmag and the ‘Australian’ poll run by Graham. Unfortunately it appears the latter was subject to an ongoing ‘hate’ campaign by RMweb members including website attacks and hate mail.

    The Australian poll appeared to have the technical edge and I perceive was more impartial.

    My decision not to be involved in the poll was therefore justified and I’ve not been involved with RMweb, MREmag or the ‘Australian’ contingent since (which I think has ceased polling following the hate campaign) as this is just not what model railways are supposed to be about.

    Kind regards,


    1. Hi Colin

      Likewise it was indeed good to see you at the weekend and catch up.

      I of course respect your position concerning the poll but as with most things there are two sides to the story and by all accounts the Plowman’s were also involved in unwelcome correspondence not to mention harvesting email addresses and sending unsolicited email. As you say at the end of the day its just railway modelling that counts.

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