Picture of the Month – July 2017

This months picture…

Bulleid Merchant Navy class 21C14 ‘Nederland Line’ built from a Millholme kit, heads to London with the up Devon Belle having taken over the train at Wilton. Adams O2 built from a Wills kit, shunts the ash wagon on shed. My Grandfather, a Ganger, can be seen taking a break leaning on his ballast fork near the platelayers hut.

5 thoughts on “Picture of the Month – July 2017”

  1. I will try to get to Exeter but other commitments may prevent.
    Nice pic of MC and O2. But side by side which are the better models – the Millholme and Wills or Hornby and Kernow? And the better runners?
    I still enjoy my G6 (Finecast?) but it is on borrowed time if a rtr appears!

    1. grahammuz – A railway modeller with a keen insterest in all things Southern Railway especially the 1946 to 1949 period. I can often be seen on the exhibition circuit with my Layout Fisherton Sarum or assiting MIke Wild the Editor of Hornby Magazine with his layouts at shows. I am also long time member of the High Wycombe and District Model Railway Society
      grahammuz says:

      I have to say that the modern RTR are generally better models, the running qualities of my kit built models do vary so some are better than RTR and visa versa

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