Picture of the Month – March 2020

This month picture…

Maunsell S15 4-6-0 is prepared for her next West of England goods turn. She is built from a DJH white metal kit. Just visible alongside is a Drummond K10 “Small Hopper” 4-4-0


PS. Happy Birthday to my Dad on the 16th of this Month…

5 thoughts on “Picture of the Month – March 2020

  1. Hi Graham, nice looking model, but looks as if she’ll have some difficulty with stopping, hope that they service the brakes! perhaps with some PDK or mainly trains items? 🙂

  2. Graham,

    I provided a supportive comment but now see it has been removed. Any reason why?


    1. Colin kindly wrote “The S15 looks very nice but even more delightful is your modelling period permitting such delights as the K10 hiding behind!

      Glad to learn your father is still around – happy returns!

      During a conversation with mine (he’d reached 97) he started recalling the Brighton’s elevated electrics at Crystal Palace ‘with a great big bow collector on the roof’. Interested to learn why he’d never mentioned these previously, his reply was ‘before today you’d just never asked me about them’…”

      1. Graham,

        Thank you – well, it is a computer system!

        For the benefit of others I see Hattons have reduced their Hornby S15 locomotives with some priced at £99.

        In 1936/37 nos.833 to 837 received 6w ex.N15 tenders. Later in 1962/63 30833, 30837 and 30847 all received ex-Schools slope-sided tenders.

        Kind regards, Colin

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