KR Models announce Bulleid 4DD emu in 00

KR Models revealed it is developing a ‘OO’ gauge model of the experimental BR Southern Region 4-DD double-deck Electric Multiple Units (EMU) at the 2021 Great Electric Train Show on October 2. Information below is courtesy of Hornby Magazine see here.

Built at Eastleigh Works in 1949, two four-car double-decker EMUs were developed for use on the Southern Region’s Eastern Section. Each was formed with Motor Third Brake vehicles at each end, sandwiching two Trailer Thirds. Designed by O.V.S. Bulleid, they were an experiment to find ways of reducing overcrowding on commuter services to/from London termini such as Charing Cross during the peaks.

Numbered 4001 and 4002, both units featured seating on two levels with a notably different appearance to a standard 4-SUB unit, particularly the bodyside profile with exterior doors and curved windows along the roofline, which added to their cramped appearance. The two four-car units could each seat 552 passengers, compared with 386 in a standard 4-SUB unit.

Whilst their capacity was impressive, their loading capabilities were not as dwell times at stations took longer while passengers boarded and alighted – standard units could stop and restart much quicker. No further units were built, although the two 4-DDs continued in regular use for just over 20 years.

KR Models is planning to release examples of 4001 and 4002 as four-car packs in BR green, BR green with small yellow warning panels and BR blue. Each ‘OO’ gauge unit will feature two powered motor cars, interior illumination, steel buffers and close couplings.

Visit for more information.

Prices start from £350 for Digital Command Control (DCC) ready units, while DCC fitted and DCC sound-fitted (ESU LokSound V5.0) examples will also be available. An anticipated release date has yet to be confirmed.

Thanks to my friends at the Blood and Custard website the unit history including livery change dates is covered here.

6 thoughts on “KR Models announce Bulleid 4DD emu in 00

  1. For those not modelling the Dartford lines the 4DD saw testing and ECS use on the Brighton mainline to Selhurst and Lancing Works. They also travelled down through Horsham to Fratton for loco-haulage across to Eastleigh……

  2. Went to school from Abbey Wood to Belvedere, Kent regularly on these in the early 60’s. It was an odd experience, felt quite claustrophobic upstairs and actually took more time to disembark, leading to delays which outweighed the extra carrying capacity!

  3. Great news. Far cheaper than Ajays built one.
    I was only able to use the 4DD in my late teenage years on Saturday Mornings after work from Cannon St to Bexleyheath as most of the time it was rostered on the Dartford Loop Line.
    Dirty old men in bowler hats use-to sit at the bottom of the stairs to try and look up the girls mini skirts.
    Later BR lengthen all the north Kent platforms to take 8 coach trains.

  4. Manufacturers work in mysterious ways! While one cannot deny the novelty value of the 4-DD, I am surprised no-one has produced a RTR model of the similar but ubiquitous Bulleid 4-SUB, which would deserve a place on many a Southern layout.

  5. I like the southern oddities. Like most of them, this was well before my time, but I’m tempted nonetheless.

    Incidentally, Graham, this post is said to have four replies, but I can only see two, both of which have a like. It seems that WP counts likes as posts? Or are there two others hidden/awaiting approval?

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