First Picture – Bachmann SR 25T Pill Box Brake Van

A little while ago now Bachmann announced that it was adding Southern Railway 25t Pill Box style brake van to its range. These brake vans were seen all over the Southern network and currently the only 4mm model available is the Cambrian models kit.

Bachmann have now released the first image of an engineering sample for the brake van. The models in this range feature subtle differences that reflect the modifications and build style changes of the originals.  Click here to see the image, that I can not post directly to protect Bachmann’s copyright.

The SR Pill Box Brake Vans will be available from Bachmann  in both LH and RH Ducket versions and come with either standard or 2+ planked sides. They will also feature two styles of sandbox, open-framed or enclosed W Iron details, and moulded underframe detail for single or equal brake gear mechanisms. In addition, three versions of compartment door/window detail will eventually available.

These will I am sure be a popular and welcome edition to anyone’s Southern fleet and if this engineering sample image is to go by will be an excellent looking model.

7 thoughts on “First Picture – Bachmann SR 25T Pill Box Brake Van

    1. HI Richard

      From an initial first impression I agree, I look forward to seeing images of the variations and getting time to check them against drawings etc.

  1. It will be interesting to compare this with the Cambrian one that I built up with extensive modifications to correct errors and omissions that the kit had.

    1. Hi Ashley

      I have previously seen your excellent article and had built my two Cambrian examples prior to then without making any modifications. As you know since then Barry at Cambrian have amended their moulds to correct some of the errors although I have not actually confirmed this for myself. Now that Bachmann are producing these I will wait their versions.

  2. I have recently built a Cambrian 25 Ton version and had another one to build. From the first picture, the Bachmann version looks a lot crisper and better detailed than my efforts on the Cambrian Kit.

    With all the variations, will they be add-on components or separate RTR models. Personally I would favor the add-on components but then I am an old kit builder.

    And Cambrian is indicating a new LSWR Brake Van in the future possibly a Dia 1545?. (Hidden in the history section of their website.)

    1. Ken

      I am pretty certain the variations will be covered by separate tooled modifications rather than additional detail parts. Especially as many of the variations like body planking, W irons and ducket possisions are pretty structural.

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