Hornby BR(s) Pull Push images added to review post

Just a quick post to advise that further to my review of the excellent Hornby models of the BR(s) Pull Push sets converted from Maunsell coaches I have now added my own images of Set 610 from the R4534 coach pack to my review post here.

As per my subsequent post regarding availability of these sets here  further deliveries to complete retailers outstanding pre-orders of R3087 and R4534 should be completed in July. I would  add that this does not mean that retailers whom have  either not got outstanding orders or ordered enough at the time will be able to order more of this batch as they may already be all accounted for.

2 thoughts on “Hornby BR(s) Pull Push images added to review post

  1. Thank you for keeping me up to date with the availability of the Maunsell pull-push sets. I have not got mauch sense from anyone else. Despite costing more than most Hornby train packs the Swanage Railway shop has sold two of the three R3087 train packs they had. Sets 602, 603, 604, 608, 610, 611, 612, 613 and 615 were used on the Swanage Railway and the same sets went to Wimborne and Lymington. After the M7s were scrapped the pull-push sets were hauled by BR standard 3MT 2-6-2Ts, 2-6-4Ts and 2-6-0 4MTs and Ivatt 2MT 2-6-2Ts but the pull-push mechanism was not used.

    1. Robin

      Many thanks for your comment and you are indeed correct re the use of the sets both in Pull Push mode and later with non suitably fitted locos and therefore run around was needed.
      It is good that these sets have been popular, and I am sure that Hornby will contemplate further runs in the future with probably different set numbers. From my own discussion with Hornby and trusted retailers from what I can gather Hornby have been unfairly used as a scape goat by some retailers who did not react to demand and order enough before it was too late to order any more from this first batch.

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