Indexing modelling tips and techniques

Amazingly this corner of the web has been going since August 2011 and has grown to over 400 pages of varied Southern related content, I always wanted this blog to not only feature news, reviews and showcase some of my own modelling and interests, but also to hopefully share some of my ideas, hints tips and techniques as I went along.

To aid navigation I have tried to categorise as I went along with the top bar menus but I am conscious that as the site has grown some content could be easily missed. I am now working my way through the many posts on modelling techniques, most of which can be found in my Workbench Witterings,  Talking Stock,  and A View From the Line posts to index them further to help you find Modelling Tips and Techniques topics that might be of interest / help to you.

The eagle eyed amongst you might have spotted the new top menus to help you reach SR News and Reviews etc. easier and also the new Modelling Tips and Techniques menu item that takes you to a new Modelling Tips and Techniques index page.

Feel free to taker a browse and use and/or develop/improve on any of my methods (as they are my way, but not the only way, or necessarily the best way…).

4 thoughts on “Indexing modelling tips and techniques

  1. Hi Graham,
    Yes the idea of an index is helpful, I used a new tab over the weekend looking for your views on the Hornby rebuilt 58′ Maunsell coaches. The info was useful but I couldn’t find a full review of them.
    Carry on as you are, the blog is a great resource. Kind regards,
    Phil Brice
    (Special interest; Salisbury – Exeter)

  2. Graham,
    A most welcome step as your website is a most useful and precious resource.
    Looking forward to it!

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