Hornby Announce additional Pull Push set due November

In light of the demand for the recently released BR(s) Pull Push sets converted from Maunsell coaches Hornby have today announced the additional release of coach pack R4534A as Set 616 comprising of Driving Brake Composite number S6695S and Second Open number S1359S.  The coach pack should be available in November.
This is a sensible addition to the range and looks likely to have been pulled forward from next years catalogue to meet the obvious demand, so full marks to Hornby.  My review of the Pull Push sets can be read here. 

Set 616 was originally Central Section based but was transfered  to the Western Section during 1962.

A further addition to the 2012 range is R3159  a new M7 class number 30055. This is a long frame pull push fitted version and therefore suitable motive power for the Pull Push Sets. Unlike 30029 contained in the R3087 Train pack 30055 should have the dog clamp style smokebox door, and is illustrated as such on the packaging for the coach packs so hopefully it will be modelled correctly by Hornby.

8 thoughts on “Hornby Announce additional Pull Push set due November

  1. Hornby are only going to make 1100 pieces of R4534A so they are unlikely to satisfy the demand.

    1. Hi Robin

      I discussed this in person with Simon Kohler of Hornby today, who did not know where that figure came from as they never usually issue / confirm such information and whilst he was unable to tell me the actual figure he did advise he was happy that demand would be met.

  2. Dear Graham,

    The source of my information was http://www.osbornsmodels.com. Osborn’s Models have said on their website that R4534A Pull-Push coaches will be a limited edition of 1,100 pieces. One of my local shops told me that Hornby had reduced their order of R4534 from 4,000 to 2,000, hence the current problems. Clearly someone is issuing production figures. I am pleased to see that Simon Kohler is happy that demand would be met. Model Rail has advised me to order models in advance because manufacturers have smaller production runs now.

  3. The Hornby M7 should be available DCC installed for this price. Installing a decoder according to the Hornby recommendations loses weight and power. Hopefully it will still pull the 2 Maunsells but probably not on much of slope.
    I have pre-ordered the coach set for November without the M7.

    1. I am still in the world of DC rather than DCC but all my HornbyM7s have been ok to haul more than 2 coaches quite OK, so even if I had to remove the weight I think they should be OK but I might even still see if small amounts of lead can be added somewhere. My other M7s are white metal kits with plenty of pulling power!

      1. Hornby M7s have quite a reasonable pulling power until you take the weights out! I have 2 with Hornby decoders factory installed and they are fine too. If you have ideas on where to put extra lead I would love to hear.
        I have kept my elevated section to 1:50 just like the S&D! OK so M7s were not exactly common (hens teeth?) on the S&D but Templecombe may have seen them on the SR main. I have already admitted to stretching modellers license so no surprise there.

  4. By 1959 most of the pull-push fitted M7s spent most of their time coupled to pull-push sets. Have you considered putting the decoder in the Maunsell pull-push set or even putting a powered bogie in the pull-push set? On the Swanage Railway the pull-push sets were sometimes double headed to avoid light engine workings so digital control is useful for coupling the second engine on the train. The M7 needs more pulling power as sometimes one to three coaches were used with the pull-push sets. The M7 is not powerful enough to pull 5 Mk1s and an observation car to copy the service on the preserved Swanage Railway.
    Another alternative is to use an old M7 with magnadhesion on steel track.

  5. Railway Modeller this issue (oct)printed on thicker paper with poorer quality repro.
    I think cancellations will follow. Nothing in the editorial. Perhaps they think no one will notice

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