From the archive #1 Fisherton Sarum’s humble beginning

Fisherton Sarum was started back in 2005 originally as an interim layout, as time and space does not permit the building of the other layouts I have planned, as a means to display some of my locomotives and rolling stock.  This is the first post in a series looking back through the archives of Fisherton Sarum’s  over the last seven years or so.

The turntable board under construction

First up in this series are a couple of early construction pictures. The two scenic boards can be seen here after track laying and early scenic forming. The trackwork has been sprayed with ‘weathered wood’ colour paint, and the rail sides painted with Precision Paints ‘track colour’ (note not a red rust colour as is so often incorrectly seen on models). The basic scenic form is a mix of cut and shapes polystyrene and plaster Mod-Roc over a lattice card framework (old cereal packets).

The coal stage take shape with the shed inspection pits also in place

Also the imposing watertank building and the coal stage in their early stages of construction can be seen temporarily in place to check clearances and ensure the scenery blends in correctly around them.

I hope you enjoy this look back in time and the series will also include Fisherton Sarum’s travels around the country and showing how the layout has evolved through time.

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