Dapol’s Bullied Light Pacifics in N – First Cads

Last year Dapol announced their intention to produce Bulleid Light Pacifics in both original and rebuilt form. This is in addition to the 2012/13 range announcements made earlier this week.

First off CAD image for the Original style Light Pacifics

They have now released the first off CAD images for these new products as seen here. I should stress on behalf of Dapol that these are the very first CAD versions and there are a number of corrections that have already made or highlighted to them  for amendment.

Fist off CAD image of the Rebuilt Light Pacifics

These  include items such as: the tender top shapes, cab side profiles,  the very distorted shape of the cylinder on the original style  version, correct profile pony wheels and taking account of the need for separate valances in front of the cylinders to allow for time period changes etc.
Dapol have also advised that both 4500 and 5500 gallon tender variations are planned. Whilst the versions of the original style so far announced are all 8’6″ wide cab versions, following discussion with Dapol about the cab which will be a separate moulding meaning that  they might be able to consider the 9′ wide version or even the original flat fronted cab style with the two side windows should they feel demand would be sufficient.

Dapol should be congratulated in getting these advance images into the public domain, even with known errors at this  stage, and welcoming constructive feedback  and dialogue to ultimately improve the model.

P.S. Interestingly and coincidentally  this is my 110th post since I started this blog of my rambles last August and 110 is of course the number of Bulleid Light Pacifics built!

9 thoughts on “Dapol’s Bullied Light Pacifics in N – First Cads

  1. Hmmm… the Hornby Merchant Navy started me off on modelling BR in the fifties. The West Countries are my favourite loco. This plethora of Southern Region / Railways models to come has got me thinking!

  2. Some members of the Swanage Railway Project have made a comprehensive list of the Bulleid light Pacifics and the coaches they hauled on the Swanage Railway. I would like to see models of Manston, 257 Squadron and Eddystone to reproduce the preserved era. Out of nostalgia for Hornby Dublo I would like to see Barnstaple and Dorchester in rebuilt form but also in airsmoothed form as they ran on the Swanage Railway in both forms. My Hornby Dublo Barnstaple is still going strong after 50 years. I hope the Dapol versions will be equally robust.

  3. Great to see Dapol moving into O gauge. When is the O gauge unrebuilt Bulleid light pacific going to appear!?

    1. Hi Peter

      A good question and only one that Dapol themselves can answer. Its a big step from an N gauge model to an O Gauge one mind you.

  4. Ace Trains are already making unrebuit Bulleid light Pacifics designed to run on Hornby 0 gauge track for £595. Golden Age are about to launch their 0 gauge airsmoothed Merchant Navy for about £2,500. These firms have no difficulty in selling items at these prices so there is likely to be a demand for a cheaper Dapol version. Their 0 gauge Terrier and 08 will attract customers who want to start 0 gauge layouts.

    1. Robin

      I agree with you I am sure that the market is there and that Dapol have been sensible in their initial choices of the Terrier and the 08.

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