1st anniversary of grahammuz.com or Blogging one year on…

I realised the other day that today marks the first anniversary of this blog. Although it took me a while to make a start in the world of blogging it has been fun so far and new friends have been made along the way via my ramblings. I have managed to make 116 posts in this first year, which is not bad considered I originally intended to only post every now and again!

A view across the front of the shed on Fisherton Sarum, one of the first images I posted on this blog 12 month ago.

I am also amazed that that I have amassed over 50,000 views in the past 12 months which to be honest I pretty chuffed with so I must be rambling on about the right things from time to time. The original plan was to mainly blog about my own model building, and of course my current layout Fisherton Sarum.

It has been a pleasure and quite exciting at times to have extended the coverage of this blog to post on some of the latest modelling news connected with modelling the Southern Railway / Region. I thank those friends, retailers and manufacturers whom have provided me with information to keep such news current, up to date and in some cases very much hot off the press so to speak.

I would like to use this opportunity to thank you all for taking to time to read my little corner of the blogosphere and I hope that have enjoyed reading its content. I also thank those whom have interacted with me via the comment feature of these pages, it has been great to hear from you and I have always tried to reply to most comments where I can.

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