Summer comes soonest in the South

With a respectful nod to the Southern Publicity Depart back in 1936 I am heading very South (well about 3 hours in a plane south)  for 10 days or so for some rest and relaxation. There will therefore also be a break in posts on this blog, normal service will be resumed week commencing the 20th August.

The now famous Southern Railway, and dubiously parodied,   publicity poster  ‘I’m Taking and Early Holiday cos I know Summer Comes Soonest in the South’, was first released in 1936.

The Photograph was originally taken in 1924 by Charles E Brown and shows a small boy carrying a suitcase on the platform at Waterloo station talking to the fireman of N15 King Arthur class 4-6-0 locomotive No 755 ‘The Red Knight’, as he leans from the cab.

This was in fact a black and white photograph that was coloured for reproduction in the poster.

I hope you are all enjoying the Summer so far and go Team GB! Speak again soon.


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