Another Southern Shed layout to the fore!

It is always good to see other Southern layouts appear on the scene either at exhibitions or in the modeling press. On returning from my vacation at the weekend I saw the September issue of Model Rail magazine (173) on the shelf in the supermarket and was immediately drawn to the image of the Southern Region layout on the front cover.

Malcolm Young’s layout Hectorage Road is, like Fisherton Sarum, a Southern Shed layout based on  a real location, suitably adapted, in this case Tonbridge shed (74D), in Kent

Malcolm has captured beautifully the atmosphere  and key elements of Tonbridge, a spotting haunt from his younger days, and adapted them to create the layout in the space available.

Great minds must think alike; as just as I have done with Fisherton Sarum the layout name is derived from the locality rather than the actual shed name.  Hectorage Road is the road that runs along side Tonbridge shed and interestingly is the road in which Malcolm was born!

Malcolm, I know, is a regular reader of this blog and we have often spoken via the comment facility on here so it is good to see his excellent modelling in print,  captured so well by the excellent photography of Chris Nevard

Although not a regular subscriber to Model Rail magazine however I  usually get to see a copy at my Model Railway Society and will purchase a copy when particular articles such as Malcolm’s grab my attention. This issue of the magazine also sees it having undergone a bit of a welcome revamp with better quality paper (at last some would say)  and a change to perfect binding. These changes are a definite improvement, especially with respect to photograph reproduction and a step in the right direction for the magazine, perhaps reacting to the changes being made by other magazines in the sector.

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