Bachmann and Farish Southern related Work in Progress

This post is just a quick update from  Bachmann (00) and Farish (N) on where Southern Railway / Southern Region related previously announced models are within work in progress.

Firstly Bachmann,  in 00 gauge, where the main good news is that the 25t ‘Pill Box’ brake vans have gone through production and are on the high seas to us as I type. A review of these models will be posted on this blog soon. Also the C class has now been approved for production to commence. In other SR related news the  SR PLV/PMV & CCT 4 wheel luggage vans announced in March this year are still at the development stage prior to entering the drawing office. The Class 205 ‘Thumper’ for the Kernow Model Centre is currently at the livery sample stage awaiting sign off before production can commence.

With respect to Farish, in N gauge, the 25t ‘Pill box’ brake vans have been release for production. Also following their announcement in March this year the Bulleid coaches are in the drawing office whilst the Original Style Merchant Navy pacifics along with the SR Van U (BR CCT) are at the Development stage prior to entering the drawing office.

12 thoughts on “Bachmann and Farish Southern related Work in Progress

  1. Excellent Graham. Real progress.
    I have belatedly bought Jeremy English’s book Modelling the Southern and see you get various mentions and two pages on Fisherton Sarum. Good stuff.

    1. Barry

      Thanks for your comment, I am glad you liked Jeremy’s book, I understand that a second volume is due early next year which may also feature additional images of Fisherton Sarum.

  2. Bachmann had examples of the pill box vans at the Swindon show today. The left handed ducket versions are in SR brown with large SR and in BR grey. The right handed duckets are in BR bauxite and SR brown with SR in the small letter style.
    Incidently, the Hornby GWR versions of the forthcoming new loco family look nice.

    1. Hi Bob

      Yes I saw the same models the other weekend and took a few pictures but they were behind the glass cabinets at the time. I have a couple on the way to me so I will publish a review once they arrive. First impressions are excellent though.

  3. Bob,

    I believe you have answered a question I put to Bachmann over one year ago. At that time I was told: Further details of this model will be released to the model railway press once tooling has been completed and the livery samples received.

    Based upon the order in which you describe each of the models. It appears this will match the catalogue entries as 38-400, 38-401, 38-402 and 38-403.

    Now I wonder if 38-403 will be with the 3” or 4” lettering? 😉 😉

    1. Norman,
      Yes, I believe that order is correct. I’m afraid I was unable to discern whether the 402 and 403 are 2+2 or even planked, or of course the small SR letter size! A combination of the models being on the lowest shelf and glass. However I have now received the latest Hornby magazine which confirms 402 to be BR bauxite with even planking.
      I am looking forward to their arrival and forsee me ending up with quite a few with the various combinations of livery, planking and windows.

      1. Hi! Bob,

        Thank you for your follow up. To be honest I did not realise there were left hand and right hand ducket’s until you mentioned it.

        Other than being an interested collector of all things post WWII Southern, I am not that well versed on the finer details. It is only from information found An Illustrated History of Southern Wagons Volume Four that I become a little over concerned with minor details.

        I do not know how many SR “Pill-box’s” I may purchase for my layout and should not be concerned with running numbers or size of lettering. Except, maybe, for the pre 1926 SR insignia. I do wonder how many of these latter models would still to be found operating in the early 1940s?

        Either way, I must commend Bachmann for producing some of these, shall I say, limited interest models with all their different variations.

        I am sure I can find room for two or three of the SR Pill-box models, where they will be added to a couple of “Queen Mary’s” and “Dance hall’s” I have already.

        With kind regards,


  4. I have just ordered the two BR 25T brakes and the SR brake with a grey roof from Hattons. There do not seem to be any supply problems. There are a couple on the preserved Swanage Railway so I will be able to operate a model of their goods train at last.

  5. Just received the “set” of brake vans, update:
    38-400 Large SR lettering, as built condition, no 55975
    38-401 BR grey, from the same batch as above but with BR mod of windows both side of the door, no 55953, no sand boxes, removed in BR days.
    Theses are left handed duckets with even planking as built.
    38-402 BR bauxite, even planking, right hand ducket, window as built. No 55583, no sand boxes.
    38-403 Small BR, it looks 4″ size to me. No 56365. Two windows right hand side of door – I’m a bit hazy about this, windows were added to the design and in BR days, still looking at my Southern wagons books.
    I have just got back from holiday so have not had time to compare the models with photos etc but Bachmann are to be complimented on the efforts to produce all these variations and also on the seperately fitted grab rails. One irritation is that there are various underframe bits to fit with no diagram as to how to do this!

    1. My order is still on the high seas. But comparing the photos of 38-403 on the Hattons website it looks as though Bachmann have it spot on!
      In “An Illustrated History of Southern Wagons Volume Four”. Plate 121 shows SR 56365 ex works 1942. The final development of diagram 1579. Quote “The last five orders all had 2+2 planking and a second window in the body end”.

      Although, at the risk of sounding pedantic, based upon the size of the planking. Lettering on the model does appear to be 4″ in height where the ex works photo. (Plate 121) the lettering is smaller.


    2. With apologies. I stand corrected. Text for Plate 121 also states “The livery is to the 1937 standard”. I believe 2+2 planking relates to 2 x 3.5″ planks plus 2 x 6.5″ planks. This scales correctly for both the photograph and the Bachmann model. In that case the lettering in the photo of SR 56365 approximates 4″. The lettering on the model is somewhat larger.

      1. I bought 38-400 today (large SR) at East Somerset Models. Also several traders at the Chippenham mre had them. It is a really good model and will certainly not be my last Pill Box purchase.

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