Heading to dark(er)side

This weekend 14th / 15th September is the Swindon Railway Festival hosted by STEAM the Museum of the Great Western Railway (I only just managed to type that!).  By the ‘Darker Side’ I of course mean that odd looking dark green Brunswick colour!

Although the 20 layouts attending will generally share the theme of ‘that other railway’ I shall be there assisting Mike Wild of Hornby Magazine (whom sponsor the event) operating his St Stephen’s Road layout.

An M7 pauses at St Stephen's Road before continuing up the Southern branch
An M7 pauses at St Stephen’s Road before continuing up the Southern branch

St Stephens Road is based on a fictitious location in North Cornwall nominally just north of Launceston where a Southern branch meets the Western Region with the station having a dedicated platform face for the Southern line. A junction and combined goods yard allows for workings between the two regions such as freight including china clay trains. Mike has recently converted this layout to DCC control and will also feature sound fitted locomotives, including a couple of Bulleid light pacifics that make an an appearance on the Southern Region side of the layout.

If you also wish to come over to the ‘darker side’ please say hello. The event open at 10am each day and the admission also includes full access to the STEAM museum and its collection of full size locomotives. rolling stock and artefacts.

6 thoughts on “Heading to dark(er)side

  1. On the brighter side, see HM74 (October) where ‘Hectorage Road’ appears yet again – with splendid pics by Mike Wild.

  2. Thoroughly approve of your disapproval of this alien Brunswick green though the garish copper and brass also offends my Maunsell green sensibilities.

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