Christmas in lockdown at Canute Road Quay

It is certainly going to be a different Christmas for many this year, it is not cancelled but just needs to be celebrated in a different way, especially if like me you have gone from Tier 2 through to Tier 4 in less than 48 hours!

It’s a cold, crisp and frosty December morning as we approach Christmas at Canute Road Quay and the crew on board ex LSWR Adams B4 Class No. 100 try to keep warm whilst shunting on the quay as flurries of snow start to get heavier.

As the festive season and New Year break is upon us, please make the time to contact your friends and family, especially those whom might be alone, and not able to be in the company of others at this most unusual of times. It is good and OK to simply ask “Are you OK?” and likewise it is “OK not to be OK” and reach out for assistance. The one good thing, if anything, this year has been the kindness and generosity of others to help and support each other, and long may this continue.

I just wanted to say very many thanks to all of you whom have taken the time to read this blog over the past 12 months. I hope you have found such ramblings interesting and informative.
I have always enjoyed corresponding with many of you that have made contact me via email or the comments field on my various posts. I look forward to corresponding with you again in the New Year.

A further flurry of activity will be taking place at the start of the new year with Hornby (January 5th) announcing its 2021 range followed a few weeks later by Bachmann making the next of their now quarterly range announcements.  I will bring you all the Southern Railway / Southern Region related news on here as soon as their announcements are made.

Seasons greetings, whatever your faith or beliefs, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all! Fill up your life with as much love, compassion, tolerance, peace, happiness as you can and hopefully some time for modelling!

Finally, remember a dog is for life… not just Christmas…

11 thoughts on “Christmas in lockdown at Canute Road Quay

  1. Thank you, Graham. Best wishes to you and your family for this stressful festive season and hope for a better and kinder 2021.

  2. Graham, that’s such a wonderful message for these difficult times. May I wish you and yours and all our wonderful fellow hobbyists, a safe, happy Christmas and a – hopefully – prosperous and exciting New Year.

  3. I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Graham.

    Best wishes

    Pete Williams

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  4. Hi Graham

    Season’s greetings to you and yours.

    Looking forward to more Southern updates in 2021!



  5. Merry Christmas to you and yours too Graham. And many thanks for all the splendid news and advice you have provided for us Southerners during the year👍

  6. Hi Graham, I have been following your blog for coming up to 4 years now and have always been impressed by your images and also your stories and messages that put those images into context. I model ‘big 4’ era and like your ‘Southern slant’ while still being interested in the ‘other 3’. While Covid has had a significant impact here in Australia, in the scheme of things we have have been very fortunate compared with other places. Right now I can only imagine the angst that all you Brits going through, especially considering that at Christmas, you would like to be able to get together. Best wishes to you personally and to all your fellow countrymen. Let’s hope we can get past this soon and get some sense of normality back into our lives. Stay safe and have as Merry a Christmas as is possible at this time. Kind Regards, Gary Sardoni >

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