Graham Farish N Class Engineering Prototype first pictures

Back in March 2013 Graham Farish announced its intention to produce the N Class 2-6-0 mogul in N gauge.  I am pleased to show below the first pictures (copyright and courtesy of A York) of the Engineering Prototype (EP). Being an EP there are still a couple of things that need to be put right, but that is the purpose of producing an EP in the first place.



Clicking the images will open a larger version. Remember these are 2mm scale, N Gauge!

5 thoughts on “Graham Farish N Class Engineering Prototype first pictures

    1. Roger

      I agree, without the couplings fitted at first galnce it is only really the size of the hex nuts on the coupling rods that give away the fact that it is N gauge.

  1. It really is amazing how far N Gauge models have come on in terms of detail. I’d be quite happy with this level of detail in OO! Bachmann/Graham Farish have just raised the bar another notch with this loco.


  2. Lovely to see another much-needed Southern loco coming out in N and the detail Bachmann have incorporated is astonishing. I really hope the Dapol WC / BB is of a similar standard.

    1. Hi Adam

      I cant say about the Dapol WC/BB but I am assisting Dapol with their Schools CADs at the moment to try and ensure they are as correct as possible

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