Kernow Model Rail Centre announce weathered version of Class 71 in 00

Kernow Model Rail Centre have today announced three weathered OO Gauge Class 71s from DJ Models. These will be based on masters supplied by Mercig Studios which the factory in China will copy. This process has worked well with many of the previous Kernow Model Rail Centre models, such as the JIA Nacco clay wagons. These weathered versions manufactured by DJ Models are exclusive to the Kernow Model Rail Centre.

Weathered Class 71 E5002
Weathered Class 71 that will No. E5002

A limited edition of 150 of each of two green versions and 100 of the blue version, will be available costing £144.95:

Weathered Class 71 No. 71008
Weathered Class 71 that will be No. 71 008

Delivery of these models is expected later this year. It should be noted that the cost of these models will be charged in full at the time of order placement.
The images left are representative of the actual weathered finish but at this stage has been applied to standard production samples that had not been renumbered.

Further information can be found on the Kernow Model Rail Centre’s dedicated Class 71 / Class 74 webpage here.

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  1. Does anybody have livery details /dates in terms of plain ends, red lining, yellow warning panels etc?

    For example it has been suggested (from recollections a former Dover driver) that locomotives may not have carried yellow warning panels and red bands.

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