Fisherton Sarum on the road in 2017 and beyond…

Some of the more eagle eyed readers of this little corner of the blogosphere will have no doubt noticed that the over the last couple of weeks the number of booked appearances of Fisherton Sarum at exhibitions has increased with a couple added to the diary for this year and also for 2018 too.  As I only purposely exhibit at between one or three shows a year on average it is always good to see and talk to readers of this blog at such shows and chat about all things Southern Railway whilst playing trains.

nevard_081024_fisherton_DSC_2673_webSo just a heads up that the current list of booked shows are as follows;  if you are in the area and able to come along please say hello:

Also by way of even more advanced notice the following appearances are booked for 2018.

Any other appearances of either Fisherton Sarum or even perhaps Canute Road Quay will also appear on my Exhibition Diary page here so check back from time to time for more information.

2 thoughts on “Fisherton Sarum on the road in 2017 and beyond…

  1. Good luck Graham I always like seeing famous layouts in the flesh but as I live near the birthplace of railways all I see are LNER, not a sausage for the sunshine line!

  2. Hi Graham,

    Cannot wait for this long overdue visit from you to Surrey.I had to abandon my Merton Abbey Layout 4 years ago and have put all the stock to bed. It sleepeth like the Lynton and Barnstable. So seeing Fisherton Sarum in the flesh so to speak my give me the kick I need.


    Gerry White

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