The 00 gauge model wish list poll for 2019 is now open

Neither an election nor a referendum, but the annual 00 gauge wish list poll has gone live today and runs until 2nd November. The purpose of The Poll is to provide an easy way for modellers and collectors to tell the major manufacturers and commissioners of ready-to-run railway models what they would like to see made from new tooling (excluding models announced, tooled or made since 2005). It should be noted that the poll is only being run for 00 gauge models. There are plenty of Southern Railway / Southern Region related items to vote for, hint hint.

Voting covers steam, diesel and electric locos; DMUs; EMUs; passenger and non-passenger-carrying coaching stock; freight and departmental stock. The Industrial and Underground categories have gone, enabling many new items of ‘core content’. Pollsters can now make suggestions for re-makes of some items made since 2005.

The Poll has an accompanying Guide which is particularly useful for checking such as the build dates of the various BR Mk1 catering vehicles, or whether one particular Southern item of rolling stock will suit your needs better than others.

A full report of the results will be published on RMweb from early November and in a number of magazines along with a summary of the Southern / Southern Region related results on this blog.

Make your vote count and vote Southern…!

4 thoughts on “The 00 gauge model wish list poll for 2019 is now open

  1. Unfortunately the 4mm “Wish List” has no space for London Transport rolling stock which is a shame as the Underground carries as many passengers every day as the rest of the UK’s railways combined. It’s a shame.

    1. Entirely agree!

      As a starting point O or P set would be absolutely fabulous. LT is an area of modelling that is so under represented.

  2. Hello Mike and Colin

    The 00 Wishlist Poll Team gave its valid reasons for the deletions to the Industrial modelling community and to the London Underground Railway Society last year. In essence, certain time constraints were upon me as lead role and something ‘had to give’ to enable me a little wiggle room.

    Industrial and Underground were taking up a disproportionate amount of time so we took the decision to concentrate on ‘core content’ of BR, its predecessors and successors. The move has been really beneficial for this Team. We are unpaid volunteers.

    Hope that helps.

    If you have any queries, please contact me at: thepollteam(at)

    Brian Macdermott (on behalf of The 00 Wishlist Poll Team

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