Wainwright SECR D Class 4-4-0 to be produced in 00 by Rails of Sheffield and Locomotion Models

Retailer Rails Of Sheffield have today announced that in partnership with Dapol and Locomotion Models that they are to produce the South Eastern and Chatham Railway Wainwright D Class 4-4-0 locomotive.

737 at NRM York

This is the first time that this locomotive has been produced in 00 in ready to run form. It has been produced using the preserved No.737 locomotive in association with the team of expert contributors from the museum and specialist modellers. A model of No.737 as preserved at the Railway Museum will be available via Locomotion Models.

Six versions are available to Pre-order through Rails of Sheffield:

  • 4S-027-001 Wainwright D Class SECR Green 4-4-0 Steam Locomotive No.488 (Pre Grouping Silk Finish)
  • 4S-027-002 Wainwright D Class Southern Lined Maunsell Olive Green 4-4-0 Steam Locomotive No.1730
  • 4S-027-003 Wainwright D Class BR Sunshine Black 4-4-0 Steam Locomotive No.31731
  • 4S-027-004 Wainwright D Class BR Lined Black Early Crest 4-4-0 Steam Locomotive No.31574
  • 4S-027-005 Wainwright D Class SECR Grey (Scraped Beading) 4-4-0 Steam Locomotive No.726
  • 4S-027-006 Wainwright D Class Southern Sunshine 4-4-0 Steam Locomotive No.1734

The models can be pre-ordered from today for a deposit of £30.00. Delivery is expected in Q3 2020 and their aim is to produce the model for less than £200 (subject to £ / USA $ exchange rates on delivery)

The first Engineering Prototype sample already here and is currently under review.

Models will have NEM coupling pockets, Next-18 Decoder socket, ‘pullout’ PCB and solderless speaker (plus provision for customer to fit Bass reflex speaker in tender).

The EP at today’s launch at the NRM (Picture copyright and courtesy A York)

Locomotives will feature a firebox flicker effect. Another feature is the drawbar between the locomotive and tender which is of a new ‘pinless’ type carrying the electrical connection. Dapol are the first manufacturer to use this type of drawbar on a British outline 00 scale locomotive. To couple the locomotive to the tender it is necessary to connect on it on a straight piece of track to enable them to be pushed together.

This has been an often requested locomotive, especially with No. 737 being preserved and pride of place in the Railway Museum and Rails of Sheffield have beaten a number of interested parties to the market. This adds a further SR related models to their range along with the SECR Diagram 1224 8 and 10 ton Covered Goods Wagon and of course the LBSC Terrier Locomotives.

11 thoughts on “Wainwright SECR D Class 4-4-0 to be produced in 00 by Rails of Sheffield and Locomotion Models

  1. I’m overjoyed to get this news. Certainly one of the most beautiful locos ever in my opinion and long overdue for a r-t-r model. Now, which livery(ies) should I order?

  2. My preferred era is western section early 50s but I’m definitely ordering a D in full SECR livery. Now how about an unsuperheated T9 in Drummond green!

  3. Who could fail to be enchanted by the graceful lines and pretty livery of the SE&CR D Class? I have ordered one already…..

  4. Will be interesting to see if they get it correct in SECR. As the NRM loco has errors in the livery. The back boiler band being one. It was not lined out. Colour of frames is another.

  5. I have ordered four (the SR and BR versions) and think that this will be the finest OO r-t-r locomotive ever. It has been a long wait (I am 75 already!). 31574 looks magnificent but I hope we may yet be offered a BR lined black version of the more numerous twin lookout cab locomotive (31075 perhaps as it was the last one to be withdrawn). Who else remembers the clank of the side rods as a D passed by? Magic……

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