’00’ Works to produce a R-T-R ex LSWR Beyer 0330 class “Saddleback” 0-6-0t Saddle Tanks

The ’00’ Works have produced a number of small batches of hand built Ready to Run locomotives including a variety of Southern classes, including most recently ex London and South Western Drummond K10 4-4-0 and  ex LSWR Drummond D15 4-4-0 and also  ex London Brighton and South Coast Railway Marsh I3 4-4-2 Tanks and They also produced, before Hornby, a brass Devon Belle Observation car which graces Fisherton Sarum.
The ’00’works have announced that they are to produce four versions of the ex London and South Western W.G.Beattie / Beyer Peacock ‘0330’ class 0-6-0t Saddle tanks known as “Saddelbacks”. Twenty of these Beyer Peacock designed 0-6-0 saddle tanks were ordered by W.G.Beattie and constructed between 1876 (6) 1877 (2) and 1882/3 (12). All were renumbered into the duplicate list by prefixing with a ‘0’ between 1894 and 1911. All entered service with the Southern Railway in 1923. The first withdrawals commenced in 1924, by the end of 1930 only five remained and the last withdrawals (0332 and 0334) took place in 1932. Number 0127 was sold to the East Kent Railway in 1926, becoming No.7, lasting until March 1946 and Number 0335 was part of an exchange with the Kent and East Sussex Railway in July 1932 being laid up in October 1946 and finally being broken up in Aug 1948.

Initially three versions are being produced, due for production this year, with pre-orders available to be taken via their website:

  • LSWR Holly Green No. 316
  • SR Lined Black No. 0334 in the condition between receiving the duplicate 0 prefix to the number in Nov 1911 and withdrawal in Aug 1932
  • Kent and East Sussex Railway Apple Green No.4 (ex SR 0335) as she ran between July 1932 and October 1946
  • East Kent Railway Apple Green No.7 (ex SR 0127) as she ran between Jan 1926 and April 1937 when she was fitted with a Walker style chimney.

The will no doubt follow the earlier releases and will comprise of an all Metal cast body and fitted with a Coreless motor. The 0330 will also come fitted with slimline Bachmann/Hornby type couplings which can be unscrewed to replace if required. Delivery is expected late 2020.

Past Southern locomotive produced by the ’00’ Works, some of which have since been produced or announced by the major manufacturers, has in addition to the K10,D15 and I3 mentioned above, included: N15, 700, C, H,  E4 and Adams Radial classes. The level of detail of these models has steadily improved over time, although is still not as high as we seem from the likes of Hornby or Bachmann, they have in the past filled gaps in the market and they should be applauded for taking on another LSWR / Southern prototype.

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  1. Well done to Roderick for producing SR models outside of the mainstream; there is also interest on the Irish version of this model which will follow in due course!

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    1. Sue,

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      1. H Colin & Sue, ooworks is showing as secure for me, and http redirects to https (Safari, OSX)

  3. Great news as the kits go for gold dust if they come up for sale.
    Does anyone know where they were allocated on the old LSWR system during the 1890-1920 period. I model a fictitious branch off the withered arm and I’m sure I could use one!
    Blessings to one and all.

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