Bachmann Bulleid coaches Engineering Prototypes arrive

To give us  Southern modellers some additional cheer just before this strangest of Christmas periods the first Engineering Prototypes (EP) of the much anticipated brand new range of Bulleid 64ft coaches have arrived.  I was privileged earlier this week to be able to assist the Bachmann development team with evaluating and reviewing the excellent EPs first hand.
I can honestly say they are exquisite, simply stunning and offer levels of detail and tooling variations that raise the already high bar for recent ready to run coaches and capture the Bulleid profile and style immediately you see them.

The tooling suite allows for a multitude of correct variations to suit the not only the coaches as introduced but modifications throughout their lifetime.  These include:

  • Window Ventilators: original 10 inch vents or later 15 inch vents (plus the corresponding toilet window ventilators – original horizontal-opening vents or later vertical-opening)
  • Bodysides: As-built or with later reinforcing strips added
  • Braking System: Original single vacuum cylinder or twin cylinder system
  • Battery Boxes: Multiple positions and Bulleid or BR Mk1 type
  • Dynamo: Bulleid or BR Mk1 type
  • Footboards and bogie footsteps: Multiple lengths and positions
  • Guard’s Handrails: Two or One / Short or Long
  • Water tanks: Long and short and central tanks
  • The correct style of end handrails / water tank filler pipes as appropriate
Bulleid Semi-Open Brake 3rd Diagram 2123 with10 in. window ventilators, bodyside reinforcing strips, two short guard’s handrails and Bulleid Dynamo & Battery Boxes. Tooling includes as originally built without the reinforcing strip
Bulleid Corridor Composite Diagram 2318 with 10 in. window ventilators and Bulleid Dynamo & Battery Boxes
Bulleid Brake Composite Diagram 2405 with 10 in. window ventilators, bodyside reinforcing strips, a single long guard’s handrail and Bulleid Dynamo & Battery Boxes
Bulleid Corridor Third Diagram 2019 with 15 in. window ventilators, bodyside reinforcing strips and BR Mk1 Dynamo & Battery Boxes

In addition to the variations each coach incorporates a superb level of detail including: separately fitted components, some etched,  such as: roof vents, lamp irons including the one as part of one of the end steps), etched underframe corner steps, toilet tank filler & overflow pipework  and the portrayal of a complete vacuum pipe-run between the sockets at each end of the vehicles.

The beautifully detailed SR 8ft steam bogies  incorporate free running electrical pickups (for future light bar fitting) and bearings, brake details and the correct footsteps as appropriate. The underframe gear is incredibly detailed with the different style of brake cylinders and brake pull rods.
Authentic interiors as we would expect are also included that will be clearly visible through wonderfully flush glazing that has been superbly achieved with next to no prismatic effect, and this also even applies to the characteristic Bulleid lozenged top lights above the door droplights.

The four body toolings in the initial release will include: Semi Open Brake Third (BTK) to Diagram 2123, Corridor Composite (CK) to Diagram 2318, Brake Composite (BCK) to Diagram 2405 and Corridor Third (TK) to Diagram 2019.

This will allow number of possible correct set combinations and liveries, with the potential for after the initial releases, versions to be released in the future in different livery and era specific detailing options.

The initial releases to make up correct sets are as follows:

  • 3 coach ‘L’ set 790 (BTK-CK-BTK) from range 770-793 with 10″ window vents in Southern Malachite introduced 1946
  • 5 coach ‘H’ set (BTK-TK-CK-TK-BTK) 847 from range 830 -849 with 15″ window vents in  BR Crimson and Cream introduced in 1950. These sets often also ran as 3 coach ‘L’ sets (often a winter formation) minus the two TKs’
  • 2 coach ‘R’ set (BTK-BCK) 69 from range 63 – 75 with 10″ window vents in BR Green livery with side strengthening ribs

The individual coach initial releases are as follows:

  • 34-725 Bulleid Semi-Open Brake Third Dia 2123 (10″ Vents) in Southern Railway Malachite Green No. 4341
  • 34-725A  Bulleid Semi-Open Brake Third Dia 2123 (10″ Vents) in Southern Railway Malachite Green No. 4342
  • 34-750 Bulleid Corridor Composite Dia 2318 (10″ Vents) in Southern Railway Malachite Green No. 5771
    34-725/725A/750 will make set 790
  • 34-775 Bulleid Corridor Third Dia 2019 (10″ Vents) in  Malachite Green but with BR “S” prefixes as delivered in late 1948, this coach is a ‘loose’ coach that would be added to strengthen sets. No. TBC from  range s1932 to s1936
  • 34-726  Bulleid Semi-Open Brake Third Dia 2123 (10″ Vents) in BR (SR) Green No. S4377S
  • 34-800  Bulleid Brake Composite Dia 2405 (10″ Vents) in BR (SR) Green No.S6706S
    34-726/800 will make set 69
  • 34-727 Bulleid Semi-Open Brake Third Dia 2123 (15″ Vents) in BR Crimson & Cream No. S4005S
  • 34-727A Bulleid Semi-Open Brake Third Dia 2123 (15″ Vents) in BR Crimson & Cream No. S4006S
  • 34-751 Bulleid Corridor Composite Dia 2318 (15″ Vents) in BR Crimson & Cream No. S5865S
  • 34-776 Bulleid Corridor Third Dia 2019 (15″ Vents) in BR Crimson & Cream No. S75S
  • 34-776A Bulleid Corridor Third  Dia 2019 (15″ Vents) in BR Crimson & Cream No. S76S
    34-727/727A/751/776/776A will make set 847

Due to the attention to detail already engineered into these models there are very few further amendments to the tooling necessary and we can now look forward to the fully decorated samples in due course. The range can also be found on the Bachmann website here and they can be Pre-Ordered from Kernow Model Rail Centre here.

One omission from the current range is the ‘Loose’ Brake Composite to Diagram 2406. These were used on West of England services and were dropped of at junction stations to provide a single through coach to various branch line destinations in the South West and so are important for anyone modelling such services.  These loose version differed from the Diagram 2405 by having the pair of lavatories in the centre of the coach between the 1st and 3rd class compartments rather then at the non brake end. The corresponding roof mounted water tank was therefore also in the centre of the coach.  I have discussed the requirement for such a Diagram, so they are aware of the potential demand.

The images are copyright and courtesy of Bachmann Europe plc.

I am certainly looking forward more than ever now for these to complete the development process and go into manufacture, as I know it will be well worth the wait.

31 thoughts on “Bachmann Bulleid coaches Engineering Prototypes arrive

  1. This is a nice Christmas present. Very keen to get the 10″ ventilator stock in all potential liveries.

  2. Thank you for the advanced and comprehensive information. I wonder if Bachmann will issue them as sets like Dapol do in N gauge.

    1. No they being issues as individual coaches but correctly numbered to enable sets to be formed, as per my post. N gauge lends itself to set packs better then 00.

  3. Very nice. I shall confirm my pre-orders to my local model shop. As you have Bachmann’s ear Muz, any chance of prompting them to follow on with a Diag 2406 “loose” BCK for us Branchline modellers? 🙂 No ACE is complete without them.

  4. Great news. Sorting out which to order, but definitely need some brake composites for West of England ACE etc. S Austin’s book suggests 7 loose BCK’s in one ACE so a few no’s /variants will be very useful.
    You are probably aware by now that the original Bachmann Bulleids did have the tak overflow pipes.

  5. Good news Graham, it looks like Bachmann are maintaining the high standard achieved with the recent Birdcage, Porthole and Thompson coaches. I have a few on pre-order and look forward to their arrival next year (I hope?!)


  6. Just when I thought I didn’t need anymore coaches! Thanks for the info Graham, price will decide how many I get.

  7. Excellent news Graham thank you for posting this Iam really looking forward to these i guess I had better check to make sure my pre orders are still active and i ordered the right ones

  8. Looking very good. I do hope that Bachmann will be including set numbers on the coach ends where appropriate (e.g. set 69) and will also be using a BR(S) green that is closer to the Hornby colour, which looks correct whereas Bachmann’s current colour is too dark.

  9. Thank you for sharing this. I guess my bank account will take a hit! Are the windows flush? In your opinion how much of an improvement are they on the earlier Bachmann Bullied coaches?
    Best wishes,

  10. I’m thinking of a rake of C&C (‘H’ set) with one TK swapped out for 34-775 (10″ BR(S) Green) to give a little visual interest. Does this make sense, or would the full C&C rake be better?

  11. Hello Graham.

    Thank you for this most detailed update.

    The attention to detail that Bachmann have achieved and managed to incorporate into these models is outstanding, Bulleid loco hauled coaches really are a minefield.
    Given this, would it be safe to assume that Bachmann have reduced the number of roof rain strips from 2 per side on early livery / versions to 1 per side on later ?, as did Hornby, with their 59′ multi-door Bulleids ?

    Again, many thanks.

    All the best for the New Year,

      1. Apologies for the hair-splitting/rivet-counting Graham. Going by your reply, I take it you mean ‘two rain strips per side’ ?


  12. Hello Graham, thank you for this post. Could you advise me if any of these found their way to Kent / worked on the eastern section? Many thanks,

  13. Graham. Very good news regarding the new Bulleids, we’ve waited long enoughsince Bachmann’s original announcement. DId the company give any indicationwhen they will be released?

    1. Hi Jim.

      No firm date has or can be provided at this stage, with a few tweaks to the tooling to be made along, then decorated livery samples to be produces and approved before manufacture, but I would hope that we might see them towards the end of this year.

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