Picture of the Month – September 2021

This months picture…

Canute Road Quay in East Anglia… A pair of LNER J70s Nos. 7126 and 7128 shunt the quay. The J70s are weathered Model Rail Magazine limited edition models.

5 thoughts on “Picture of the Month – September 2021

  1. In the words of Monty Python…

    “And now for something completely different”

    However, the J70 locomotives certainly do not look out of place!

  2. During my teacher training, many years ago, I was sent to Wisbech for my “supervised teaching experience”. I spent quite a few spare hours looking for any remains of the Upwell Tramway, the track bed obvious in places, but little else. As a reminder of those days I was tempted to acquire a J70, but other things in life conspired against the purchase. However, I am told by Kernow that the Hornby 35011 I ordered is being delivered today…a bright spot in an otherwise gloomy time.

    1. Whilst the J70 locomotives are extremely interesting and somewhat unusual, I too succumbed to the allure of 35011 (also awaited today)! 🙂

      1. Well, my 35011 is now run in on the rolling road and on Tuesday evening I hope it will haul a decent length train around the steeply graded club layout. It is an impressive and weighty model, so far the only detail that rather irks me is the rigid pony truck with its flangeless wheels. Do I spoil the loco’s appeal to future collectors by adding a crew and better coal? Empty cabs on speeding trains just feel wrong to me.

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